Tori Roloff Details Her 'Terrifying' Car Accident With Son Jackson

Tori Roloff is opening up about a recent "terrifying" car crash that left her car totaled, but her and Zach Roloff's son, Jackson, completely fine.

In the caption of a family Instagram photo in front of a new minivan, the Little People, Big World star detailed the incident that she says happened "a couple weeks ago."

"Everyone is fine!" she said of the accident. "It wasn't anything major. However it was probably the scariest moment I've had in life so far."

(Photo: Instagram / @toriroloff)

She said that she "started bawling the moment I looked in my mirror at my baby boy in the back seat. The fact that I put him in danger like that let the guilt and fear overwhelm me."

Of course, 18-month-old Jackson was oblivious and enjoying his time in the car. "Now I find it humorous because when I looked back at him he was sucking on his toes completely oblivious to what just happened. It was still terrifying," Roloff wrote.

She thanked God for the fact that she and Zach Roloff had replaced Jackson's car seat three days before the accident. "I know it seems weird but I was so thankful for @nuna_usa - we had replaced his car seat-no joke-3 days before. It was honestly God watching out for our little man," she wrote.

After revealing that her "little Ford" was totaled, she wrote that "the silver lining to all of this is we join the @honda family with a mom mobile," which she says is "way safer" for Jackson.

"Drive safe people. Nothing like this to check myself and put everything back into perspective. God is so good," she concluded.

Roloff frequently shares updates about her and Zach's family on Instagram, like when they visited a pumpkin patch earlier this fall and went on a Maui vacation just last week. In October, she called out fans who were spreading pregnancy rumors about her after her father-in-law, Matt Roloff, shared a video of her.

"No, I'm not pregnant. Yes I love baggy clothes and food. What if I was a woman who couldn't get pregnant? What if I was a woman who had body image issues? Asking a woman if she's pregnant can be extremely damaging," she captioned a family photo.


"Luckily I know when I get asked these questions it's coming from a place of love. I know our fans are eager to see our family grow-as are Zach and I and our families- and you guys just want to see us make more adorable babies like baby j," she continued. "However I hope you think twice about asking a woman 'are you pregnant?' Or 'when's the next one coming?' You don't know what's going on behind closed doors in anyone's life."