Tori Roloff Claps Back at 'Little People, Big World' Fans for Comments About Zach's 'Disease'

Tori Roloff is clapping back after a sweet family photo drew nasty comments on her husband's appearance from fans.

The Little People, Big World cast member posted a photo of her, husband Zach Roloff, brother-in-law Jeremy and his wife Audrey posing with their kids Jackson and Ember while Christmas tree shopping on Saturday.

"Finally got our Christmas tree! Thank goodness too because apparently Oregon is running out!" she captioned the shots.

But some fans were quick to zero in on Zach's upper lip, which appeared to have an abrasion.

"Omg, does Zach have a herpes sore on his lip? It's so obvious. I just hope that cute baby doesn't get it," one commenter wrote.

Tori was quick to defend her husband after a slew of comments about his appearance poured in by posting a pointed clapback on her Instagram stories.

Tori clap back

"For those of you asking...My husband does not have a disease on his lip. He scraped it. Kthanks," she wrote on a purple background.

Tori clap back 2

" kid scratched his face because mama let his nails get too long," she continued. "The Roloff household is a little bit of a hot mess currently but we'll get it together."


The Roloffs are still figuring out the whole parenting thing, they admit, but baby Jackson appears to be growing up just fine. Tori gave fans a 7-month update on their first son this week, saying that the baby can now roll, has two teeth, has started eating "solid" food and "doesn't like awkward silences."

Photo credit: Instagram/@toriroloff