Todd Chrisley's Daughter Lindsie Chrisley Embroiled in Bar Incident Involving Police

Lindsie Chrisley had the police called on her after the daughter of Todd Chrisley was accused of throwing a drink at one of the friends of her younger brother, Chase Chrisley. Lindsie, however, claims that the friend in question was getting in her face during the altercation and that she never threw a full drink his way.

The drama went down Saturday night in Atlanta, TMZ reports, when Austin Duriez claimed to police he was at the same bar as Lindsie and her friends. He claimed that for an unexplained reason, the former Chrisley Knows Best star threw a glass with a drink in it at him, which hit him in the head. Duriez also claimed he called over a bouncer and had Lindsie removed, after which he alleged she made a scene.

The following day, he called the police, saying he didn't know if he wanted to press charges against his friend's sister. "Her brother is one of my close friends and I don't even know her that well," Duriez said in bodycam footage obtained by TMZ. "Anytime I run into her, she goes crazy. It's nothing personal with me, it's about her family stuff." He also called the estranged Chrisley daughter the "outcast" of the reality TV family, claiming, "She hates her brother, so my association with him is causing her to lash out at me."

Lindsie's attorney, Musa Ghanayem, told the publication that Lindsie only gestured towards Duriez with her drink, and that if any liquid hit him, it was negligible. It was Duriez that instigated the altercation, Ghanayem insists, after accosting Lindsie and her friends at their table. At one point, Ghanayem alleges one of his client's friends had to push Duriez off of her, as he was intimidating and harassing them. Finally, Ghanayem claimed it wasn't Lindsie who was removed from the bar but Duriez himself, and that he would see the accuser in court if need be.


Lindsie has had a fraught relationship with her family over the years, which caused her to exit the popular USA Network reality show. When Todd and Julie Chrisley were first revealed to be facing tax evasion charges at both the state and federal level in 2019, Lindsie was accused by her father of having an affair with a tax official in order to spill dirt on her family, which she denied at the time.