Lindsie Chrisley Says She Won't Make Amends With Family, Says 'Chrisley Knows Best' Caused Rift

The feud between Lindsie Chrisley and her family have been well documented amid her fallout from [...]

The feud between Lindsie Chrisley and her family have been well documented amid her fallout from Chrisley Knows Best. The oldest daughter conducted a recent Instagram Q&A, where she was asked whether or not she would ever make amends with her father, Todd Chrisley, and the rest of her family. Her answer probably didn't come as much of a surprise, given what has come out over the years.

Admitting she gets asked this question quite often, she simply said, "the short answer is no" before wishing everyone in her family the best. "I have moved on and am in a very healthy place," she continued. "Everything happens exactly as its supposed to and all God's plan. I put all of my faith in this." The fallout between Chrisley and her family began in 2019 and came to a boiling point after her father and his wife were arrested and later indicted on tax evasion and fraud. Afterward, the two sides continued to jab at one another with Chrisley claiming her father and brother, Chase, possessed her sex tape and threatened to expose her.

In another question that came her way on Instagram, Chrisley was asked why her father seems to only realize he has one daughter. She explained that "it wasn't always like this," believing that things took a turn for the worst when production began and "when TV started creating the narrative." Chrisley Knows Best debuted in 2014 with the eighth and current season coming out in July. Lindsie left the show after the fifth season and has continued to distance herself from the family from that point on.

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She spoke about being estranged from her family in another response to a fan question. Wondering how she handles raising a son, Jackson, who doesn't get to see one half of his family, Chrisley, whose most recent Instagram post saw her share her excitement for the changing of the seasons as she soaked up the last few summer days, called it a "very weird thing." She said her son was very young when most of this went down, so "you can't miss what you don't know." In regards to sheltering home from the outside noise, she credits being honest with him and not being biased in what she tells him. "Honesty with your kids is always the best policy," she wrote.