Lindsie Chrisley Posts Cryptic Tweet About 'Karma' Amid Ongoing Family Feud

Lindsie Chrisley is taking note of karma's "unexpected" timing in a cryptic tweet that comes just a few months after her public feud with her family exploded during an October appearance on Dr. Phil. The Chrisley Knows Best daughter took to Twitter on March 5 to give her thoughts on people getting what they deserve, although she didn't specify who or what she was talking about.

Despite the veiled nature of the tweet, Chrisley's followers were pretty convinced they knew what she was talking about.

A very public feud exploded last year over accusations that Lindsie had contributed evidence to the federal tax evasion case against dad Todd Chrisley and mom Julie Chrisley, only to be subsequently be allegedly threatened with the release of a sex tape. In October, Lindsie appeared on Dr. Phil to address all that had been playing out in the public eye, as well as filing a police report against her father for the alleged extortion.

"I said, 'No, that's not the truth,'" she told Dr. Phil of the conversation with her father about providing evidence for the tax investigation. "I said, 'But while we're on the topic of lies, let's talk about the social media stuff that I've endured over the past two years from you and your two minion children. And that's when I got the warning that Chase had incriminating evidence against me, nude photos, and had obtained this tape for $5,000. At that point, the conversation was over for me, and my attorney advised me to file the police report."

Both Todd and Julie have denied all of Lindsie's allegations, saying on an October episode of their Chrisley Confessions podcast that there never was a sex tape, and that he had never had such tape in his possession.

He claimed there were "rumblings" of such a tape in 2016 "when Lindsie told us about a sex tape and said it was on a puppy cam. And then it just kind of went away because I was mortified. She and I had words over it."

"So I want to say now, and then we're gonna move on from it: There is no sex tape. I have never seen a sex tape. I have never had anyone try to sell me a sex tape, 'cause if they had, I would have bought it," he said. "I would have bought that tape ... we would have destroyed it and I would have gone the hell off on everyone involved."

"That's all I'm going to say about it," he said, adding that "it does not bother me what Lindsie says in the press, what she puts on her Twitter."


"Lindsie, I love you. There's gotta be a lot of hurt there because for the things that have happened and the things that you've done, that has to come from a place of hurt," he continued. "And I want you to know that I love you."

Photo credit: Marcus Ingram/Getty Images