Todd Chrisley Shares Public Documents Detailing Case Against Georgia Tax Official Josh Waites, Accused of Relationship With Daughter Lindsie

Todd Chrisley is going after Director of the Georgia Department of Revenue's Office of Special Investigation Joshua Waites in more than just a lawsuit after claiming the tax official tried to use his relationship with Chrisley Knows Best daughter Lindsie Chrisley to smear him in the tax evasion case settled earlier this month. Sharing a number of alleged IRS documents regarding Waites on Instagram Thursday, Chrisley accused him of having "lied" and "manipulated" the numbers against he and wife Julie while having a "federal IRS tax lien filed against him."

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"As promised today on [podcast] Chrisley Confessions, here are the public documents regarding Josh Waites with the Georgia Dept of Revenue," Chrisley wrote under the documents. "This man is the Chief of police for the Dept: He launched his investigation against us in 2016 , he has lied , manipulated and created false numbers and reported to the press that we owed 2.2 million dollars to the Georgia Dept of Revenue , yet this man himself had a federal IRS Tax lien filed against him personally as well as a lawsuit file against him from his former employer and a judgement entered for over 51k , he then filed bankruptcy to avoid paying this judgment."

"Now I tell you all of this because I've made a commitment to see this through to the end and so that he's no longer allowed to to do this to Georgia residents or anyone else," he continued. "Josh Waites has far bigger issues than what i am posting tonight and I will be posting those as i am allowed .. I encourage anyone who has had any dealings with this man to contact myself or our attorneys as the list is growing."

"I plan to disclose further corruption within the Georgia Dept of Revenue in the coming weeks and will be releasing those names at that time," the reality star promised. "We appreciate the huge level of overwhelming support that we have received and ask that you continue to lift us up in prayer as we work to shed light where there's darkness."

The USA star filed a lawsuit against Waites after settling his state tax evasion case for $77,000. The federal tax evasion case remains pending.

In the lawsuit, Chrisley claims Waites enticed his estranged daughter Lindsie into giving information about him while in search of the fame and notoriety that would come from investigating his famous family

As evidence of the alleged relationship, Chrisley included text messages between Waites and Lindsie, which include discussion of the Chrisley patriarch's legal situation and including jokes about their mutual dislike for him.

"So. Some stuff happened today. And we have a meeting the first of the year that is super big. And is all about Todd. Like serious. So. I want to know if you would be willing to talk about him or her," read one text.


Waites has yet to comment publicly on the suit.

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