Lindsie Chrisley Says Father Todd's Coronavirus Diagnosis Doesn't Change Frosty Relationship

It looks like Lindsie Chrisley and father Todd Chrisley won't be mending their torn relationship following his coronavirus diagnosis. The daughter said in an interview with TMZ that she found out about his condition through social media after people were direct messaging her. While she's sad her dad was diagnosed with something like that, she said what's done is done and she's well aware of where she stands on it emotionally and that this won't change anything.

"Since everything that happened in August, I assumed that if anything ever did happen to him, God forbid, something horrible happened that the reality would be that I would probably find out through the media before anybody contacted me, so I kind of expected that," she confessed when asked how she felt finding out through social media and not her family. She also added that she's had no contact with her father since his diagnosis, and revealed that some fans were asking her if she was happy that her dad was diagnosed with something that could potentially kill him.

"What happened, happened, so I think that the circumstances of corona change what did happen," she continued. "However, it did make me very, very upset that he had something that could potentially kill him, and so that did make me very sad" but says her "emotions are in the proper place" therefore she won't change how she feels towards the situation. Although Chrisley was never tested for the virus herself, she is convinced that she had it earlier in March, saying she felt like she might die from it.

"I literally felt like death, like I should probably go to the hospital but I think that the scary part is at the time that I got it, there was a lot of unanswered things," saying she wasn't really prepared for what was to come. She then went on to say that after four days of having whatever she developed, she thought she was getting over it, but that's when things took a turn for the worse. "Honestly, I was scared, more than I have ever been scared," she explained.


Chrisley and her father's relationship went south following accusations on her behalf against him of sex tape extortion, while he accused her of wrongdoing in his tax case. Todd came out and said that he will always love her since that is his daughter and has hoped things could get better between them, but it appears if they ever reach that point, it may take a long time to get there.