Todd Chrisley Shares Update on Family Life Amid Tax Fraud Case

Todd Chrisley is opening up about the challenges facing his family more than three weeks after he and wife Julie Chrisley were convicted of tax evasion and bank fraud in federal court. On the June 29 episode of the family's Chrisley Confessions podcast, Todd revealed that his 16-year-old son Grayson was struggling seeing some of the negative comments about the Chrisleys online.

"I said to him, 'You understand that you're allowing someone that you're never going to meet and their comment to affect your day, your mood, your self-worth, who your family is,'" Todd said on the podcast. "I said, 'If you would spend as much time listening to God as you do this message that someone sent, who has two followers and a cat as their emoji...'" The Chrisley Knows Best star added that the support his family has gotten "far outweighs any of the negativity" heading their way.

Ahead of their October sentencing, Todd also maintained his and Julie's innocence. "The world keeps trying to heap shame on people to pull them down, but I don't accept that," he said. "I won't absorb shame for something I didn't do." Julie agreed, "I can't control what's going on right now. The only thing I can do is put my faith in God and I can know what I've done, what I haven't done. I can walk with my head held high."

Following their June 7 conviction, Todd came on his family's podcast to share more about the "very sad, heartbreaking time" for his family during the June 16 episode of Chrisley Confessions. "We still hold steadfast in our faith and we trust that God will do what he does best because God's a miracle worker," he said at the time. "That's what we're holding out for."


Todd continued of the public curiosity about his family, "I know all of you guys are wanting to know every detail that is going on in our lives and I have to ask that you respect that we're not allowed to talk about it at present time. There will come a time." Todd and Julie are also parents to 26-year-old son Chase and 24-year-old daughter Savannah, and Todd is also father to daughter Lindsie, 32, and son Kyle, 30, with ex-wife Teresa Terry.