Todd Chrisley Reveals 'There Is No Sex Tape' of Daughter Lindsie

Todd Chrisley is claiming that there is no sex tape of his estranged daughter Lindsie, after all. After months of headlines following the Chrisley family drama, the 50-year-old family patriarch told listeners of his and wife Julie's Chrisley Confessions podcast that the alleged sex tape Lindsie claimed he was extorting her with does not, in fact, exist.

"I want to go on the record today, folks, and say ... There is no sex tape," Chrisley said during Thursday's podcast. "There wasn't a sex tape. We were told about this in 2016 and it never came to fruition. There's never been a time that I have had a sex tape of my daughter inside in my possession."

He continued, explaining there were were "rumblings" of a sex tape but that those "rumblings" came in 2016 "when Lindsie told us about a sex tape and said it was on a puppy cam. And then it just kind of went away because I was mortified," Chrisley said. "She and I had words over it."

The Chrisley Knows Best star continued, saying that text messages Lindsie posted made it "clear" that Chrisley was "begging her, saying, 'Please, this is shameful. It's shameful for your husband and your child. It should have never happened and I should have certainly never have found out about it.'"

"[The text messages show] me saying, 'Explain to me how Chase is involved in this.' And there is no explanation for it," he said.

"So I want to say now, and then we're gonna move on from it: There is no sex tape. I have never seen a sex tape. I have never had anyone try to sell me a sex tape, 'cause if they had, I would have bought it," he said. "I would have bought that tape—"

"Knowing it was the only one," Julie interjected.

"Exactly. We would have destroyed it and I would have gone the hell off on everyone involved," Chrisley agreed.

As previously reported, in July, Lindsie filed a police report in Georgia alleging that her brother Chase Chrisley and her father were harassing and threatening her with an alleged sex tape she was in, that she believed Chase purchased. In the report, she claimed that Chrisley and Chase threatened to release the tape unless Lindsie agreed to lie about a certain "incident." Sources told TMZ that "incident" was related to ongoing tax issues Chrisley and Julie are currently facing.

"That's all I'm going to say about it," Chrisley said during the podcast on Thursday, adding that "it does not bother me what Lindsie says in the press, what she puts on her Twitter."


"Lindsie, I love you. There's gotta be a lot of hurt there because for the things that have happened and the things that you've done, that has to come from a place of hurt," he continued, "and I want you to know that I love you."