Tiffany Pollard Addresses 'Celebrity Big Brother' Speculation and Dispels Rumor About Alleged Season 2 Demand (Exclusive)

In early September, CBS confirmed that there would be another season of Celebrity Big Brother. Since that announcement, fans have been floating around names of some of the celebrities that they want to appear on the spinoff. But, there's one name that seems to get floated around the most of all — Tiffany Pollard. The reality TV icon formerly competed on the British version of the series and produced some incredibly iconic moments in the process. But, would she ever return to the Big Brother world for the American edition? During a recent chat with, Pollard not only shared whether she was interested in taking part in Celebrity Big Brother, but she also dispelled a big rumor about her connection with the show's second season. got the chance to chat with Pollard about her nail polish lacquer line, HBIC Ink, which is currently available for purchase. While she is focused on expanding her beauty empire, she, of course, still has ties to the reality TV genre. Pollard has a new show coming out, Hot Haus, in early 2022. Even though she has quite a lot on her plate right now, fans are still eager to see whether she could find some time to take part in the next edition of Celebrity Big Brother, which will air in February 2022. Pollard stated that Celebrity Big Brother has not contacted her yet, but she definitely hears all of the calls from fans to appear on the show. 

"It's like an ongoing annual thing," she explained of the calls to have her on the show. "People are like, 'Are you going in the house? Are you going in the house?'" Pollard said that she even heard from Rihanna about possibly appearing on the show. She said that Rihanna "left a comment on my Instagram. She was like, 'You're not going in the house?'" Despite the fact that Pollard has not been contacted about the upcoming season, rumors have run rampant about her connection to the show. She even referenced one of the biggest rumors — that she was demanding one million dollars to enter the house. The Flavor of Love and I Love New York alum said that this rumor is "so not true."

Considering that there is "annual" talk about her going on Celebrity Big Brother, one could imagine that there might be some pressure there to fulfill fans' wishes. But, does the talk get to Pollard in any way? "Well, because I'm such a homebody and I'm still a small-time girl at heart, it's flattery, just knowing that people want me in that particular show. But, it doesn't give me any stress ... It's just kind of cool that my name is still stirred are up and people want me in there. So, I mean, hopefully, they'll take heed and call me."