'The Voice' Preview: All 4 Judges Spin for Tamara Jade After Sensational Lizzo Cover

Season 19 of The Voice gets off to a rousing start on Monday night. In a preview of the premiere [...]

Season 19 of The Voice gets off to a rousing start on Monday night. In a preview of the premiere episode, which airs on NBC at 8 p.m. ET, one contestant, Tamara Jade, wows everyone enough that all four of the coaches — Blake Shelton, John Legend, Kelly Clarkson, and Gwen Stefani — turn their chairs around for her. Jade subsequently has a big decision on her hands, as it is now up to her to decide which coach she wants to have as her mentor.

In the sneak peek, Jade performs a rousing rendition of Lizzo's "Cuz I Love You," as PEOPLE noted. Within the first few notes of her performance, Clarkson and Legend turned their chairs around in an effort to get the singer on their team. Of course, it wasn't before long that Shelton and Stefani followed suit. The performance even had host Carson Daly jamming along, as he could be heard saying that Jade was "killing it."

Both Clarkson and Legend, being the first two to turn around for Jade, were completely enamored by Jade and her performance. They even gave her a standing ovation once they were able to turn their chairs around. Following her performance, the various coaches each tried to explain why Jade should become a part of their team. "I was the first person to turn around from the first note because you are incredible," Clarkson said. "It doesn't matter, you're gonna be in the finale. Everybody needs to be inspired right now. That's why this is called The Voice — you want someone that really moves everyone, and that's you."

"I do think it would be helpful to have someone who's navigated a vocal competition," she continued, referencing the fact that she was the inaugural winner of American Idol. "I just think you should be on my team because I love you. You would look fantastic in purple." Legend then quipped, "I can buy clothes, too." The "All of Me" singer continued with his plea for Jade, adding, "We're already off to a good start. First of all, the fact that you can rap sing [and] the fact that you can sing these big, soulful notes. Then, what sealed the deal was the very end of the song where you sang it kind of more gracefully and tenderly. It's kinda like, 'Oh, she can do anything.'" As for who Jade will ultimately pick, viewers will have to tune in to The Voice's Season 19 premiere on Monday night to find out.