'The Voice' Engagement: Singer Proposes to Girlfriend After Joining John Legend's Team

This week's episode of The Voice blind auditions had an extra special moment for one lucky singer. [...]

This week's episode of The Voice blind auditions had an extra special moment for one lucky singer. Not only did he join John Legend's team, but he proposed to his girlfriend.

During his introduction, Chicago native Denton Arnell spoke about how his girlfriend, Tiffany, has been a major part of his life and has been supportive of everything he has done.

"I realize I want to spend my life with her, so I do have a ring," Arnell said. "She has completely no idea. Like this is probably not even a thought."

After singing "Hold On, We're Going Home," Arnell asked if he could bring Tiffany out. Legend thought she might be a singer too, but that was not the case.

"So, I figured since you gave me a 'Yes,'" Arnell said as he pointed to Legend, before turning to Tiffany, "I want to see if Tiffany will be a 'Yes' too."

Arenell tried to take out the ring, but he and Tiffany knocked heads. He finally got on his knees and put the ring on her finger.

"Is that a yes?" he asked.

"Yes!" Tiffany said.

"It is a good thing I said yes!" Legend said.

"I think I win the award for best wingman ever. We both won tonight, Denton," Legend wrote on Twitter after the scene aired.

The Voice fans took to Twitter to congratulate Arnell and Tiffany on their engagement.

"I like how comfortable Denton Arnell seemed up there onstage. He just laid it all out. Kinda sounded like John Legend with a thinner vocal production. Congrats on your engagement, man," one viewer wrote.

"I can't wait to see the memes tomorrow about Denton head-butting his new fiancé! So sweet," another wrote.

"What an amazing, unique head-butting proposal! I am so happy & lmao at the same time! Thank you," another viewer wrote.

"Congrats to these two, but the bumpheads proposal cracked me up!!!" one viewer wrote.

According to Arnell's Instagram page, he is also a producer, actor and model. He already recorded an album, Collision, Vol. 1, which is now available on iTunes.

New episodes of The Voice air Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

Photo credit: NBC