'The Voice' Coaches Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson Bond Over 'American Idol' in New Promo

Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson have much more in common than their seat on this season of The Voice!

The two coaches for the NBC reality show both got their start as American Idol competitors, an experience they discussed during a new promo for the Monday, Sept. 24 season premiere.

Clarkson told her fellow coach that she still finds it "crazy" that they started out "literally the same way," with Hudson admitting that she watched Clarkson win during the ABC series' first season in 2002. Hudson would go on to make the Top 7 competitors in the third season of the show, but lost out to Fantasia Barrino.

"You were my my inspiration," Hudson told Clarkson. "And to think I did not win and to be able to sit here with you — "

Clarkson cut the Oscar-winning actress and singer off. "I think you won in life, yeah. I think that's what matters," Clarkson said.

An honored Hudson added that after watching Clarkson sing on TV, her mother told her she needed to audition for the series. "And when you won, I was like on my knee, like oh my God. I was crying with you," Hudson said.

Clarkson, whose first season as a coach last year netted her team a win through Brynn Cartelli, explained to Hudson the piece of advice she gives her singers: "I always say to my team on this show, 'It's what you do with that opportunity. We were both given an opportunity and a door, and I feel like everyone's given that in their career regardless of how you come in it."

Hudson, who appeared on season 13 of the series, agreed, saying, "Oh my God, I always say, 'If you give me the opportunity, I will make it work.' We are the same."

The two also discussed the "bonus" they bring as judges who come from a reality TV background, which Hudson said was like "an extra cushion" to say, "I know you're nervous; I know this means everything to you; I know this is life changing for you."

"And I think they see you and me, people who have been in the same position as them, almost as a light at the end of the tunnel. It's like possibility, because a lot of people are on shows like this and not everybody makes it. It's nice to be that light at the end of the tunnel saying, 'You can do this, man,'" Clarkson added.

The two do provide a different perspective, however, with one coming out on top in her season of Idol and another leaving defeated.

"It's a matter of what you take and do with your opportunity," Hudson said. "So, it's like an inspiration all around to say, 'Look at Kelly Clarkson, you can be the winner and succeed in that,' because not everyone who wins succeeds. There's very few Kelly Clarksons walking around."

Clarkson chimed in, "And no one who wins, wins Oscars, but just J Hud."


We can't wait to see what these two bring to the table this season.

The Voice premieres on NBC Monday, Sept. 24, at 8 p.m. ET.