'The View' Host Meghan McCain's Second Amendment Gun Photo Stirs Spirited Reaction From Social Media

Meghan McCain doesn't shy away from her status as a divisive figure on The View. She is always battling her co-stars and causing conflict with guests from all parts of the culture spectrum. One of the big topics is gun control, something that pops up after every incident with a shooting or a murder involving a firearm. The discussions on The View can get pretty heated but the ladies all remain some form of friend off the air, while also retaining their beliefs.

McCain is one who is steadfast with what she believes and the views passed down by her late father, Sen. John McCain. That's where her Instagram post praising the second amendment comes in, showing her blasting away at targets with a semi-automatic rifle to her shoulder.

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A glimpse at it should conjure images of any number of mass shooters or criminals we've seen use similar weapons to maim and kill in recent years. It will also conjure images of gun owners who are reasonable and following the rules, setting the stage for a friendly debate.

At least that's what you'd hope. Online, fans were both supportive of McCain's photo and lobbing criticism taking to PopCulture.com's Facebook page to sound off on the image.

"I stand with you Meagan! You go girl, nothing wrong with this picture!" one commenter wrote about the photo shared by McCain.

"Megan acts like a spoiled child when she doesn't get her way. Sitting there arms across her chest and pouting. It's alright for her to interrupt others but she has a hissie fit if she is interrupted. She needs to leave the show," another added, criticizing her status on the show.

"Starting to like this woman more every day," a third countered with, showing McCain has many supporters.

The comments also lobbed a few criticisms at McCain's co-hosts on The View.

"The Price is Right show is far better than those chicks," one critic wrote about The View as a whole.

"Go Megan! Joy thinks she's all that but she's nuts," another said criticizing McCain's current foil, Joy Behar.

"I love Meghan, but I really feel her pain when I watch her on The View...I'm waiting for the day when she says eff this job and leaves," a third wrote, possibly stirring up memories of McCain's desire to exit the show in recent months.


But in the end, one comment points out the obvious truth about The View and why McCain continues to be a focal point on the show. "Their little spats is what makes people watch. It's all theater," a fan wrote, noting why folks tune in to the long-running series.

The View airs weekdays at 11 a.m. ET on ABC.