'The View' Checks in on Whoopi Goldberg as She Sits out Amid COVID Diagnosis

The View made sure to check in on Whoopi Goldberg Wednesday as she recovers from COVID-19. The moderator of the ABC daytime talk show appeared virtually on the show to chat with co-hosts Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin, Ana Navarro and guest co-host Yvette Nicole Brown after Goldberg tested positive for COVID-19. 

Goldberg said she learned she had contracted the virus after coming in close contact with someone else who had it. "They sent people to test me and it was like, We're not sending [crews] to your house because you have corona," Goldberg said Wednesday. While the show's protocols might not be "convenient," Goldberg noted they're "really important" amid the surge of COVID cases due to the highly-transmissible Omicron variant.  

Goldberg, who is fully vaccinated and boosted, noted that while the vaccine hasn't prevented the Omicron variant from spreading rapidly, "it's not happening at the same rate as it was happening when people were dying." She added, "Unless everybody gets vaccinated this is what we're going to be facing for the next little while." While she isolates in her home away from her family members, Goldberg said she still feels good and is passing the time with audiobooks and "good food."

The View's Sara Haines is also quarantining after coming in contact with a COVID-positive person. Monday, before stepping aside to quarantine, Haines revealed that the pandemic also colored her holidays, as she returned home from visiting family in Florida to learn her husband had tested positive for COVID. "I came back to a COVID positive husband. So Max got COVID and we had to quarantine within the house," she shared. "I had the kids, we were in K-95 masks. We were lucky we were in a house now because we never could have done this in an apartment. But we've stayed clear and I've tested negative four times."


Monday, Haines said everyone in her family was "all healthy" now, but noted how rapidly the new variant has been spreading. "We did dodge a bit of a bullet there, but it hit us as well," she shared. "This one doesn't seem like anyone's going to get out of this one unscathed."