'The Masked Singer' Viewers Lash out Over Jenny McCarthy Returning to Judge

Fans weren’t too pleased to see Jenny McCarthy back as a judge on The Masked Singer. McCarthy has been quite a controversial figure as of late, which is why many viewers of the show have already grown tired of seeing her on their television screens.

This is just another instance of McCarthy catching heat for being front and center. On Sunday, there was an outcry as McCarthy was an interviewer on the red carpet. All of the distaste stems from McCarthy and her thoughts on anti-vaccination.

McCarthy has actively stated she believes her 17-year son’s autism was a result of vaccinations. She’s brought the issue up multiple times, once in 2008 on Larry King Live and previously in 2010 on PBS Frontline. Her claim does not match any medical evidence.

One user commented on Twitter as The Masked Singer aired, "I oddly like the masked singer show and looking forward for its return but I just wanna say they need to get rid of Jenny McCarthy. That woman shouldn't have air time anywhere after all her anti vaxx rhetoric over the years."

Another remarked, "Okay this Masked Singer thing is pretty cool guys all except for Jenny McCarthy."

For much of the feedback, most of it was in reference to McCarthy's controversial comments.

McCarthy is in her second year as a panellist on the show. The Masked Singer made its season two premiere on Wednesday on FOX.


The second season is expected to be even crazier than the first one.

"When we went bizarre and went a little crazy, it worked, and we know that's the secret ingredient that we're going do for season two," executive producer Craig Plestis told The Hollywood Reporter. "So if you think this season was bizarre, just wait until you see Season 2," he said. "What worked is really going for it with the costumes — go crazy with it, don't play it safe. Have fun making it and letting everyone be involved with the party."