'The Masked Singer': Raccoon's Link to Jenny McCarthy Explained

Wednesday night's all-new episode of The Masked Singer saw yet another contestant get unmasked on [...]

Wednesday night's all-new episode of The Masked Singer saw yet another contestant get unmasked on stage. During "Group A Wildcard Round – Enter The Wildcards!," Group A — consisting of Robopine, Raccoon, Russian Doll and Seashell (along with new Wildcard performer, Orca) took the stage in an effort to wow the judges and audience, and when one character ultimately got sent home, fans finally got some answers about their love for one of the judges. With more characters left to be unmasked, PopCulture.com readers can check out FuboTV, which is offering a free trial to new users, to watch new episodes of the fan-favorite series live! Warning: This post contains spoilers!

By the end of Wednesday night's episode, the cowboy-themed Raccoon was unmasked and revealed as Danny Trejo. Trejo is a beloved actor known for roles in Machete, Spy Kids, Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, and From Dusk Til Dawn, and throughout his brief stint on the competition, fans came to learn he also has a love of judge Jenny McCarthy. In fact, during his Wednesday night performance of Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire," Trejo even gave a special shout-out to McCarthy, which had her "blushing." Speaking with Entertainment Weekly after his time on the series came to an end, Trejo opened up about his infatuation with McCarthy, revealing that they share a common link in that they both advocate for children with autism.

"Jenny McCarthy is an advocate for special needs children, for autistic kids. I work with autistic kids. I raised two of them. I've got one who just applied for colleges around the country, and got accepted to five of them. So now we're trying to pick which one he's going to go to. And I'm just so proud of him. And I'm just so proud of her — you know when celebrities step up and take on a project like that it really shines light on it," Trejo told the outlet. "It's sad, but that's the only way that they can get the kind of funding and the kind of help that they need sometimes. So, she's done a lot for autistic children, so I just love her. And besides, she's gorgeous. I'd be stupid not to mention that."

As with most characters who take the stage on The Masked Singer, the Raccoon garnered a lot of guesses as to his true identity, guesses that Trejo called "funny." While fans had their own theories, the judges threw out names like Gary Busey, Danny DeVito, Tony Danza, and Sylvester Stallone, with Trejo noting they guessed "everyone that I worked with. I couldn't stop laughing."

While his time has come to an end, Trejo revealed he was hoping to break out into song a few times, as other songs on his list of hopeful performances included "a Barry White song — 'You're the First, the Last, My Everything,'" which he said he "would have loved to do." As for his unique costume, Trejo said it "looks exactly" like his "little Schnauzer dog named John Wesley Harding."

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