'The Masked Singer' Live Updates: Orca Gets Eliminated

It's time for the Group A finals on The Masked Singer. Wednesday night's episode will see the return of Seashell, Robopine, Russian Doll, and Orca. Additionally, Nick Cannon will return as the host of the program, following weeks of Niecy Nash at the helm. (Cannon took a step back from hosting duties after testing positive for COVID-19.) The episode will also see Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong, and Nicole Scherzinger at the judges' panel, as they give their opinions on the various performances. PopCulture.com will be here to recap all of the night's events, which also include yet another Wildcard performance. So, be sure to stay tuned to follow along with all of the action.

9 p.m. ET: In the end, one of the competitors got the boot. Ultimately, the Orca received the least amount of votes. The judges then shared their final guesses for Orca’s identity. After doing so, Orca removed their mask and revealed that they were Sugar Ray frontman Mark McGrath.

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8:52 p.m. ET: Finally, it was time for the final Wildcard of the season to take to the stage. The Yeti then entered the scene in amazing fashion, as he exited from his very own cage. The Yeti explained that where they come from, too many yetis become “monsters.” However, his secret weapon is a “village of warrior women” who are there to support him. One of the women in the scene even made him a sandwich with jelly and berries and presented him with a tray of three cupcakes. He explained that yetis are usually “chased” from the village, but they welcomed him with open arms (and heart cutouts).

The Yeti certainly made his presence known with his performance of “If It Isn’t Love” by New Edition. The judges were surprised to hear his vocals, which also came with a series of slick dance moves. They were so impressed by his performance that they even said that he’s now the clear frontrunner in the competition. McCarthy guessed that the masked singer is Ray J while Scherzinger guessed Justin Bieber. Jeong had an out-of-left-field guess with Taran Killam.

8:40 p.m. ET: The most recent inclusion in Group A, the Orca, is next. Orca said that he was a bit nervous to be the first Wildcard performer of the season. But, once he thought about his father, “the nerves washed away.” Orca shared a special connection with his father, who passed away shortly after the Orca had his child baptized. He said that his father was so happy to see him become a dad (while he reflected on their relationship, in the background, $3 appeared on the screen).

To go along with his emotional clue package, Orca performed Poison’s “Every Rose Has Its Thorn.” After his performance, Orca, who let it slip that he had 10-year-old twins, noted that he dedicated it to his late father. The judges then shared their guesses, which ranged from Billie Joe Armstrong (Jeong) and Jeremy Renner (McCarthy).

(Photo: Michael Becker/FOX)

8:30 p.m. ET: Seashell was up next to make a splash. As the Seashell made her way through the mall and discussed her status as a trailblazer, an extravagant wedding cake could be seen. She says that she does get stopped when she is out and about, as fans want to take photos with her. While at the “Superhero Supply Store” picking up some strength supplements, Seashell said that it makes her so excited to see others following in her footsteps.

Seashell showcased a new side to herself with her “Tell Me Something Good” performance. Following their performance, McCarthy suggested that they could be either Ashanti or Mya. Scherzinger was thinking more along the lines of Keke Palmer. Thicke took things in yet another direction with Alicia Silverstone.

8:18 p.m. ET: Robopine (formerly Porcupine) was the next up at bat. In his clue package, he seemed to be in a scene out of one of the Indiana Jones movies. He explained, while a 6 in pink paint appeared behind him, that he’s been on the search for a golden relic. Robopine said that he’s overcome many obstacles throughout his career (an MW figure could be seen amongst the items in the package). A referee then entered the scene as Robopine explained that his current goal is to win the Golden Mask trophy.

Robopine’s fantastic vocals were, once again, on display for his rendition of “Killing Me Softly” by Roberta Flack. He even showcased some of his dance moves during the performance, which definitely impressed the judges. McCarthy and Scherzinger both said that they think that Robopine is Jamie Foxx, which Cannon wasn’t on board with. Jeong then suggested Will Smith and Terrence Howard. Thicke agreed with Jeong’s guess of Howard.

(Photo: Michael Becker/FOX)

8:10 p.m. ET: Cannon introduced Russian Doll first. In their segment, the masked singer(s) noted, while posing in front of the Lincoln Memorial, that it was a “game-changer” when their duo became a trio during their previous performance. They went on to say that “life on the road” was far from “glamorous,” as the trio traveled by tour bus. The group explained that they’ve performed in places such as parking lots, softball fields, and pizza restaurants. One of the highlights of their careers was performing for the president (the trio, unfortunately, did not name the president in question).


When it came time for their performance of Jason Derulo’s “Want to Want Me,” there were not three, but four Russian Dolls on the stage. However, it appears as though the fourth Russian Doll was a red herring as only three performed. The judges were left stumped after their latest performance. Their guesses ranged from Pentatonix (Scherzinger), the Jonas Brothers (Jeong), and 98 Degrees (McCarthy).

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