'The Masked Singer': Black Swan Unmasked, and She's a Pop Star

The Black Swan was finally unmasked on The Masked Singer finale, making it to the final three [...]

The Black Swan was finally unmasked on The Masked Singer finale, making it to the final three alongside Chameleon (Wiz Khalifa) and Piglet (Nick Lachey). All three were revealed on Wednesday night, included the feathered female, who turned out to be singer-songwriter JoJo!

When the rankings were revealed, Black Swan came in second. She finished ahead of Chameleon — who was Wiz Khalifa — and behind Piglet, the winner who will be revealed at the end of the episode. Black Swan was then shown to be JoJo. The 30-year-old singer had a very successful pop music career in her teen years, with hit singles like "Too Little Too Late," "Leave (Get Out) and "Baby It's You." However, things hit a snag due to disputes with her record label, but she's bounced back in recent years by re-recording her old albums and crafting new hits like "Comeback" and "High Heels."

Robin Thicke initially guessed Rita Ora but changed to Normani, citing an X-Factor clue. (JoJo was a guest judge on The X Factor: Celebrity.) Jenny McCarthy switched around her guess completely, first guessing actress Leighton Meister before changing to singer Monica. Ken Jeong guessed Jessie J at first but changed to Demi Lovato, who is also a former teen star. Nicole Scherzinger first thought it was Natasha Bedingfield, but hit the nail on the head with her final guess, JoJo. Guest judge (and Masked Singer Season 4 winner) LeAnn Rimes agreed.

This reveal came meer minutes after Wiz Khalifa was shown to be Chameleon. It also followed last week's reveals: Omarion as Yeti and Donnie Wahlberg as Cluedle-Doo. Previously eliminated performers were the Russian Dolls (Hanson), Seashell (Tamera Mowry-Housley), Crab (Bobby Brown), Orca (Mark McGrath), Bulldog (Nick Cannon), Grandpa Monster (Logan Paul), Raccoon (Danny Trejo), Phoenix (Caitlyn Jenner) and Snail (Kermit the Frog).

If you weren't using FuboTV (get a free trial here) or another service to watch live this season, you can catch up on The Masked Singer via Hulu. Past episodes are already up, and the finale will show up in the morning. Stay tuned to PopCulture.com for more updates on The Masked Singer as it enters Season 6.

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