'The Masked Singer': JoJo Reveals She 'Almost Fainted' During One of Her Black Swan Performances

Wednesday night's The Masked Singer Season finale finally saw the Black Swan get unmasked. After making it to the Top 2 and ending up in second place behind the Piglet, Black Swan was revealed as none other than chart-topping R&B and pop singer JoJo, who gave fans on social media some intel as to what her experience on the Fox competition was like.

Answering a flurry of fan questions sparked by her big reveal, Jojo revealed on Twitter that her time on The Masked Singer led to a scary incident in which she almost fainted. After one fan praised her for having "killed it every night," that fan adding that they "really loved 'Barracuda' and 'Use Somebody,'" Jojo shared that she "almost fainted during 'Use Somebody' but it's fine." Fans were quick to react to that, with one person responding, "We sure as hell couldn't tell bc the vocals were on point." Another person joked, "Girl! I appreciate your sacrifice, but I need you around so I can come see you in concert!"

While the musician did not clarify what caused her to almost faint, following her unmasking during the finale, she told The Wrap that The Masked Singer helped her overcome her "fear" of her own voice. Calling her time on the competition "transformative," Jojo confessed that prior to stepping onto The Masked Singer stage for the first time, she had "developed a fear of my own voice and a bit of a stage fright," which was something she "really wanted to break through. I think the only way that I could do that was by facing it head-on." She also opened up about the difficulties of performing in that extravagant Black Swan costume when speaking to Entertainment Tonight, revealing that the bulky ensemble added more difficulty to performing.

"It was super heavy. It kind of felt like singing into a pillow. It really forced me to not take myself too seriously, which is definitely something that I needed. But even when you know it's something you need, sometimes it's still nerve-wracking to face it," she said. "What I mean also about being scared, I just never envisioned myself in a giant swan costume singing my heart out. Sometimes you do things you think you'd never do, and it ends up being a game changer. I'm glad I said yes."


If you weren't using FuboTV (get a free trial here) or another service to watch live this season, you can catch up on The Masked Singer via Hulu. All past episodes are available for streaming, and the Season 5 finale is expected to be available sometime Thursday morning. Stay tuned to PopCulture.com for more updates on The Masked Singer as it enters Season 6.

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