'The Challenge' Celebrates 500 Episodes With Most Physical Mission Yet (Exclusive)

The Challenge is gearing up for a very special milestone during Season 37 a.k.a. Spies, Lies, and Allies. Wednesday's episode will mark the 500th episode of The Challenge. To celebrate, the competitors will be tasked with taking part in one of their most physically demanding daily missions yet in "Brush Contact."

As shown in the clip above, host TJ Lavin explained that this mission would be played in three rounds with each of the respective teams (or "cells"), Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire, getting to play offense or defense. The team on offense will have the men transferring bags of cash into the safe zone in the middle of the field. Once there, the women will take over to run the bags to the end zone. Their journey won't be smooth sailing though, as the team on defense will be trying to prevent the offensive team from scoring. The cell with the most money gathered in the end zone will be the winner. 

The Emerald cell is the heavy favorite to win the mission since they're the only team with six players — Nany Gonzalez, Kaycee Clark, Tori Deal, Devin Walker-Molaghan, Josh Martinez, and Emanuel Neagu. The Ruby cell currently has five with Cory Wharton, Nelson Thomas, Logan Sampedro, Tula "Big T" Fazakerley, and Emy Alupei. The Sapphire cell is also down a player, with their five teammates being CT Tamburello, Kyle Christie, Ashley Mitchell, Amanda Garcia, and Bettina Buchanan. The Emerald cell has won the last two daily missions, cementing their status as the team to beat. Will either of the other two teams be able to score their first win as a team?

In the most recent episode, the Ruby cell almost got their first win. While all of the men on the team completed the daily mission, Satellite Sabotage, Kyle, who was previously on the Ruby cell, ended up being disqualified for failing to complete it correctly. That left the door open for the Emerald cell, which had two of its competitors, Kaycee and Devin, complete the mission. In the end, the Emerald cell won as their competitors completed the mission faster than those on Ruby. After volunteering to go into elimination, The Circle alum Ed Easton chose to face off against Kyle in the Lair in a classic game of Pole Wrestle. Although, it probably wasn't the best decision as Kyle is undefeated when it comes to past Pole Wrestle match-ups. Ed learned his lesson the hard way, as Kyle took the win and chose to move over to the Sapphire cell. He replaced Nelson, who joined his longtime ally Cory on the Ruby cell.