'The Bachelorette': Hannah Confronts Luke P. About 'Red Flags' in His Behavior

Hannah Brown might have saved Luke P. from going home, but that doesn't mean The Bachelorette star doesn't see all the "red flags."

After the Bachelorette chose to award Luke P. a rose after his confrontation with Luke S. ended with the latter choosing to go home, the ABC leading lady admitted she was going with her gut over her head keeping the disliked contestant around another week.

"Luke P. is still here because my heart wants him to be here — my head doesn't always want him to be here," she told the camera. "It makes it really difficult to know what's the best decision to make. We know we have chemistry, but there are red flags, and I honestly haven't had time to explore our relationship the way it needs to be explored."

Following Luke S. leaving, the other men didn't shy away from confronting Luke P. for being "manipulative" and "a liar," but he didn't appear to take it to heart.

"They can believe and think what they want about me, I really don't care," he told the camera. "My only concern is my relationship with Hannah. I'm looking at all these guys, and I'm like, you are so not for Hannah, it makes me want to gag."

It was clear Hannah wasn't done trying to figure out Luke's intentions, however, pulling him aside for a one-on-one date she admitted was causing her "a lot of anxiety."

"Today, I hope we can get down to the bottom of some of these crucial questions for our relationship," she explained. "Either today is the first one-on-one with my future husband, or it's the first and last one-on-one date with Luke."

Sitting down with him on the Scottish highlands, Hannah grilled Luke on why the other men dislike him so much, which he attributed to having his words "twisted" by the other men.

"It just doesn't make sense why every single guy has something to say," the former Miss Alabama pressed, adding she wants a man who people are "drawn to."

"It's a very tough position I'm in," he said of being the villain of the house, "It's not easy, but I'm never going to quit."

Insisting that outside of Bachelor Nation, "everyone loves me," Luke got cut off from Hannah, who told him she could see how the other men would find that "boastful."

Despite Luke's best efforts, Hannah walked away from their conversation frustrated with his inability to reassure her about his integrity.

"There's no feelings behind the things that he's saying," she confessed later. "I don't know where his heart's at. I know he says he's here for me, but I don't really know. ...I need more."

The one-on-one was definitely a bit of a disappointment, with Hannah explaining it was the worst of her dates this season before telling Luke she wouldn't be able to hand over the date rose to him before the episode's end. Will Luke be going home next week? Or is the "Luke Ness Monster" here to stay?


The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Photo credit: ABC/Mark Bourdillon