'The Bachelorette' Contestant Confesses to Hannah B. That He Already Has a Girlfriend

The first episode of Hannah Brown's The Bachelorette season saw one contestant kicked out of the mansion before the first rose ceremony of the season after she learned he already has a girlfriend.

During the second half of the premiere, Hannah took contestant Scott A. to the side and told him they needed to have a talk before she handed out the First Impression Rose.

"You have a girlfriend," she bluntly told him.

Scott instantly denied this and then tried to do mental gymnastics to justify why he was on the show if he has a girlfriend back home.

"I think the reason that you've heard that is I've dated this girl, and I was nervous coming into it like everybody else," Scott said, clearing his throat. "I'm not here... The reason I'm here is for you. I came here to get a long-term relationship with someone who I can be partnered with going forward."

Hannah was clearly annoyed by this and tried to find out when the last time he dated this girl. Amazingly, he said he texted with the girlfriend on "Monday," the same week as The Bachelorette started filming.

"That doesn't mean..." Scott started.

"OK," Hannah said before he could come up with an excuse. "The first thing you said to me is that you are serious about this."

Scott said he really is and was not lying, but he then he told Hannah they just met.

Hannah replied, "So you just kept your girlfriend back home just to be safe?"

Scott was speechless for a moment and said he understood how it could look that way, but he said that was not why he did not breakup with the girlfriend. But Hannah reminded him that his girlfriend still thinks he's coming back for her and there are 29 other men vying for her attention without girlfriends back home.

"You're here, taking up so much time. It's not fair to me. It's definitely not fair to that girl who thinks you're her girlfriend back at home," Hannah told him. "You're not here for what I'm wanting, then it's your chance to leave."

Scott finally admitted he was dating a girl up until Monday, but thought since he was not planning to marry the girl, he could do The Bachelorette. Hannah was stunned by that and instantly realized that her definition of "being serious" is much different than his.

"How dare you come here and think this is OK? How is that being serious about this?" Hannah said.

Scott tried to equate his relationship with Colton Underwood during The Bachelor, but she disagreed. Hannah called him a "jerk" said there was no reason for him to be there. She escorted him out of the mansion, and Scott's time on The Bachelorette lasted just over an hour.

When Hannah went back in, she told the remaining contestants to leave if they have a girlfriend back home. Thankfully, none of the guys did.


The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Photo credit: ABC