'The Bachelorette': Clare Crawley Gets Engaged to Dale Moss, Tayshia Adams Takes Over

The moment Bachelor Nation has waited for finally came on Thursday night's special episode of The Bachelorette. Clare Crawley got engaged to Dale Moss, leaving the other men wondering what they were supposed to do next with the majority of the season still left to go. Host Chris Harrison and the producers had the solution, bringing in a new Bachelorette partway through the season. Tayshia Adams, one of Colton Underwood's contestants on The Bachelor last year, came in to finish the rest of the season.

As it became obvious that Crawley, 39, was spending so much time with Moss, 31, the other men felt like they were being robbed of their time with Crawley. They were prepared to confront Crawley about the problem, but Harrison pulled her aside to ask how she really felt about Moss. "I totally am like, head over heels for Dale," Crawley said, admitting to looking at the social media profiles of the contestants during the quarantine, notes PEOPLE. She decided Moss was the man for her, even before they met. She told Harrison she never contacted Moss though.

"In your mind right now, is this over?" Harrison asked Crawley, who said it was. "Congratulations, you've just blown up The Bachelorette," he told her. Harrison had Neil Lane design an engagement ring quickly while Moss and Crawley had another date. Following the date, Crawley had to explain to the men what was going on.

"What I came here for, I think I found, and it's with Dale," she explained. "I know each and every one of you has so much to offer, but I've always said I'm a woman who knows what I want, and I'm going for it. I just have so much respect for you guys." At the end of her speech, she told the remaining contestants she hopes they find the same kind of love she did with Moss. Some of them were still frustrated. After all, this was filmed during a pandemic and some men left their families to compete for her heart. One contestant, Kenny Braasch, wanted an apology from Crawley. "I'll apologize if I wasted your time, I'll apologize if I hurt you, but I'm not going to apologize for love," she said.


The next night, Moss proposed to Crawley and she said yes. "It's wild that we're here right now, but when you know, you know. This is how it was supposed to happen at the beginning. We saw this coming a long time ago," Moss said. Crawley said the two "so sa this coming," adding, "I felt it. I knew it."

Harrison later told the remaining suitors they could leave or stick around. None left, and Harrison introduced Adams as the new Bachelorette. Adams is only the second Black Bachelorette, following in the footsteps of Rachel Lindsay. Adams also appeared n Bachelor in Paradise last year. Viewers will get to see how Adams does with the men selected to compete for Crawley on Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.