'The Bachelor': Robe-Clad Contestant Pulls Colton Underwood Into Her 'Fantasy Closet'

Well, this is awkward. While trying to woo Colton Underwood, Bachelor contestant Demi didn't hold back anything—even her bathrobe—when it came to pursuing the object of her affection.

In Tuesday's all-new episode of the ABC reality show, the former NFL player came face-to-face with the women vying for his heart for the first time outside Bachelor Mansion with the first dates of the season. While giving humorous speech about their "firsts" in front of a crowd at Los Angeles' Regent Theater, the sassy 23-year-old took the opportunity to coerce a kiss from Colton, earning his respect for her "boldness," but the anger of many of the women in the house.

Demi's stunt didn't earn her the night's group date rose, which went instead to Elyse, causing her to take things up another level at the cocktail party preceding the night's rose ceremony.

While Tracy, who had taken issue with Demi's "childish" antics throughout the group date, was opening up about her past to Colton during the party, the bold contestant interrupted their heart-to-heart while clad in nothing but a robe, promising to make Colton "comfortable" upstairs in her "fantasy closet," where she gave him a (clothed) massage.

Many of the women thought the move, while cryptic, was inappropriate, but Tracy was devastated by what she said felt like a "rude and mean" move on the part of Demi. When confronted with the rift she was creating in the house, Demi approached Tracy, crying on the floor of the Bachelor Mansion, who explained to her, "I've been trying to be very authentic and real in this, and I would like the reciprocated respect."

Demi did apologize for her behavior, saying she was sure Colton would recognize Tracy's "storytelling" abilities in the end, but Tracy was sure to explain to the cameras she thought "that was bulls—."

Demi didn't appear to care, however.

"I think I definitely showed these girls what's up," she told the camera. "I think they're shaking in their boots. I'm sure I'm rubbing some of them the wrong way, especially Tracy, but it's fine. There are some nervous ladies here tonight, but who cares about them?"

In the end, Colton awarded both women roses, ensuring the continuance of this feud, and sending home Annie and Angelique, neither of whom got dates, as well as Erika and Alex.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.


Photo credit: ABC/Rick Rowell