'The Aquarium' Trainers Try to Improve Timid Seal Floyd's Confidence in Exclusive Clip

Atlanta's Georgia Aquarium aquarists have their work cut out for them in Sunday's all-new episode of The Aquarium, as they attempt to coax unsure seal Floyd once again into the elevator and back to his usual habitat in a PopCulture.com exclusive clip of the Animal Planet show.

"We were training our seals to get in the elevator and walk down to that west holding habitat," the aquarist explains in Sunday's preview, recalling the previously unsuccessful attempt to train Floyd to use the elevator. "Because we were seeing some behavior that indicated they were a little bit apprehensive, particularly from Floyd, we just decided to kennel them in a space that they're comfortable in."

"So, we're trying again," she continues, adding, "We could very easily put them in their kennels but this felt like a good challenge to be more confident animals to anything that's changing around them."

That appears to be easier said than done, as Floyd's two seal friends seem far more enthusiastic about going on the new adventure than he. Will Floyd be able to summon all his courage and conquer the elevator to emerge a more confident critter?

Also this season on The Aquarium, Animal Planet shares the stories of a "sneaky" moray eel moving from habitat to habitat, a sea turtle named Tank looking to improve his eating habits and the adventures of baby fantail rays Bacon and Tomato, as they adjust to life in the massive Ocean Voyager exhibit. Fans can also check in with rescued baby sea otter Gibson as he grows to be a more independent otter, and watch as Georgia Aquarium biologists dive off the coast of Florida film the "rare and wonderous" spawning of critically endangered corals.

The Aquarium airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on Animal Planet.

The Aquarium is produced for Animal Planet by Left/Right, a Red Arrow Studios company, and Copper Pot Pictures. Banks Tarver, Ken Druckerman, Anneka Jones and Michael LaHaie are the executive producers; Jessie Findlay is co-executive producer for Left/Right. David LaMattina and Chad Walker are the executive producers for Copper Pot Pictures. Lisa Lucas is the executive producer for Animal Planet, with Patrick Keegan as supervising producer.


Photo credit: Animal Planet