'Temptation Island': Wynn Sarden Explains Why Kady Krambeer Was 'Afraid' of Their Connection

Ever since Kady Krambeer left beau John Thurmond on the other side of Temptation Island as a test of their relationship, her connection with single Wynn Sarden has been electric.

Charmed by the former basketball player's sense of humor and respectful attitude, the two hit things off from the start, with Wynn setting his sole sights on the country gal in the house as well. But Kady's feelings for other singles, like Johnny Alexander, has put Wynn in a tough love triangle leading into Tuesday's all-new episode of the USA Network reality show revival.

Wynn opened up to PopCulture.com about his tricky spot with Kady prior to Tuesday's episode, saying her flirtation with Johnny at last week's cocktail party had him questioning if she had been "genuine" with him from the start, if she was "scared" of their chemistry or even if him being African American had something to do with it.

"I knew how strong our connection was," he explained. "I knew she was holding back a little bit as well. ... I know for a fact she was afraid of how much she was into me."

Watching her with Johnny, Wynn admitted to being "slightly jealous," but said he was "real" about the situation she was in, testing her relationship with her boyfriend of three years and experiencing life as a somewhat-single woman on the island.

"We need to let these women enjoy their experience with whoever they pick," he said of his attitude towards the women on the island. "Be assertive, but understand they're going through something in their relationship."

First meeting Kady, Wynn joked he could see in her eyes "she had a palate for chocolate," learning that while she had never dated an African-American man before, "I had a feeling she might be interested in black men ... she was definitely receptive to it and the experience."

Adding that to their dynamite first date, Wynn told PopCulture, was part of why it was difficult to watch Kady "play it safe with guys like Johnny."

"I felt like he was definitely there for 'the game,'" Wynn continued of his rival's intentions with Kady. "Almost like he needed to win."

Needless to say, the two singles aren't exactly best friends. "Even when we talk to this day, Johnny knows I don't like him," Wynn admitted. "But I have respect for him."

And while Wynn can't exactly say what happened between himself and Kady in the end, he promised that he remained completely and totally himself throughout the process.

"I was there for the experience whether I got [air time] or not," he said.

Temptation Island airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on USA.


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