'Temptation Island' Host Mark L. Walberg Gives Video Tour of Breathtaking Season 2 Villas

Temptation Island is weeks away from its Season 2 premiere, with four couples putting their love to the test amid 24 singles tempting them at every turn. Host Mark L. Walberg takes fans on a video tour through both mind-blowingly stunning villas in Hawaii — one belonging to the four girlfriends and the 12 single guys, the other belonging to the four boyfriends and the 12 single girls.

In the video showcasing the enormous girls' villa, Walberg shows off the big open floor plan and central living room. "I have a feeling this is going to be the central place where a lot's going to happen," he hints.

Next to the living room is the spacious chef's kitchen complete with state-of-the-art appliances and a large center island big enough to serve the entire villa.

"The line between the inside and outside of these villas is very blurry, so let me take you outside and show you the part of the house I love the most," Walberg says, pointing out the "beautiful patio that's both outside and inside" and that features the home's dining room table.

Outside stands a hot tub, gigantic infinity pool, daybeds and hammocks all positioned perfectly for a breathtaking view of the Pacific ocean. "The background behind me is the whole reason you come here. That's the paradise, right?" he says. "The hot tub is just going to be the hub of excitement."

The house comes with four large bedrooms for the girls, each with its own en-suite — which the single guys will undoubtedly be trying to make their way into throughout the season.

Upstairs is the deck with plenty of places to lounge and hang out, especially if you're looking for a little solitude. But "no matter where you are in this beautiful villa — upstairs, downstairs, in the bedroom, kitchen, living room — you're never far from this," Walberg says, gesturing to the gorgeous Hawaiian view.

While the guys' villa doesn't have quite as open of a view of the sea as the girls' villa, they and the 12 single girls still live in the lap of luxury in their own Hawaiian mansion. Walberg showed off the large kitchen as well as the lounge area, complete with several couches and stacked seating options to accommodate the 15 people living in the house.

"Over here is our lounge area. I love the way this is set up, where so many people could sit here," Walberg says. "And if things go as they probably will, there may be some cuddling that happens here."

"Everything here is meant to be open. Every room is open to the other room. You can see everybody from wherever you are," Walberg said. Just like in the girls' villa, each boyfriend gets his own bedroom and bathroom suite.

The backyard features a large pool surrounded by plenty of lounge areas, set to the picturesque background of giant mountains and the ocean.


Season 2 of Temptation Island, which promises just as much hot and heavy drama as Season 1, premieres Thursday, Oct. 10 on USA.

Photo credit: USA Network