'Temptation Island': Evan Confesses He's 'Falling in Love' With Morgan

Temptation Island's Evan Smith is fully falling in love with Morgan Lolar, but knows his newfound love is going to tear his girlfriend Kaci Campbell's world apart.

In Tuesday's all-new episode of the USA Network reality show, Evan and Morgan dove further into their feelings for one another, consummating their relationship not only in the bedroom, but also with those three little words.

"I've never been one to fall fast at all," Evan told the camera. "I'm very guarded and very closed off, but I feel like my walls are done. But I think that this situation, this experience we're all on, it's doing something to me. It's definitely doing something to me. It's to the point of scaring the s— out of me."

Morgan was scared of what their relationship would mean once they left Temptation Island as well, fearing that her love with Evan would be left behind once Kaci was back in the picture.

"You don't think I understand the gravity of everything that's going on?" Evan asked Morgan, who responded, "I think that you think that because you haven't seen her, that it's gonna be OK or whatever. But then once it comes down to it, I think you're gonna pick the easy route."

"That's what I'm worried about," she continued, "that you're gonna be really conflicted and it's not gonna be me."

"Girl, I'm falling in love with you," he told her, stroking her face. "I'm actually falling in love with you."

Morgan responded in kind, eliciting, "I'm into you so bad. I don't want to let go," from the smitten Evan.

"I feel like I've known Evan for my entire life," Morgan confessed later to the camera after the two had made their relationship official in the bedroom. "We get each other. H'es so sweet to me, but now I'm scared. It seems too good to be true, and it might be, and that's what I don't like right now. That's what really is messy to me."

Evan was feeling similarly nervous about their relationship.

"I'm a very cautious person, and with Morgan, caution just goes to the f—ing wind," he admitted. "Letting Morgan in has been so amazing and so great, but I cant help but thinking its going to rip Kaci's life apart."


Temptation Island airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on USA.

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