'Temptation Island' Single Dr. Johnny Alexander Opens up About 'Roller Coaster' Relationship With Kady Krambeer

Temptation Island's Kady Krambeer had no idea she'd find someone like Dr. Johnny Alexander to make her question her whole relationship with longtime boyfriend John Thurmond.

Ahead of Tuesday's all-new episode of the USA Network revival, Dr. Johnny talked with PopCulture.com about where his head was amid the ups and downs of his relationship with Krambeer as she struggled with her feelings for him and her boyfriend, and how he worked to stay respectful throughout the bizarre experiment.

The successful New York City sports chiropractor, 31, originally agreed to be a single on Temptation Island after appearing in an episode of Love Connection, he explained, but "didn't realize [he] was going to be looked at as a homewrecker or someone encouraging cheating."

"The background check for these types of show is an intense type of casting process," he continued. "I figured, you now what? I'm going to be thrown in front of a bunch of females who have their s— together, and things aren't working for me in New York City, so why not?"

Meeting the single women, Dr. Johnny said he was initially attracted to Nicole Tutewohl physically but soon found himself connecting with Krambeer's "appetite for life" and openness to the Temptation Island experience.

After their second date, Dr. Johnny told PopCulture that the two were "inseparable," although they'd been vibing the entire time in footage that never made it to air.

Watching this season back, he confessed he didn't know the things she had been saying to other singles like Wynn Sarden but added that some of it appeared to him to be less genuine than the connection they had.

"I think her head was in a crazy place," he told PopCulture. "She was going through a lot and was just trying to avoid trauma."

As the two began to cement their relationship in the house, even sharing a bed at night, Dr. Johnny said he began to "really care" for her, only to have the weekly bonfires in which Krambeer would see Thurmond getting close to single Kathryn Golden throw them completely off track.

"It sucked—it was a total roller coaster," he admitted. "It wasn't my fault; I wasn't pushing the envelope with her, but it's a hard balance giving space and letting her know I was interested."

Despite being a "very physical person," Dr. Johnny said to keep Krambeer comfortable, "I had to keep my hands in my pocket and just let Kady know, 'This is how I'm feeling.'"

"I didn't want to be that creepy guy who's forcing himself on a girl with a boyfriend," he added.

While the reality show single couldn't spoil how his relationship with Kady played out in the end, he did take away a valuable lesson from it all.

"Never settle," he advised. "In dating, especially today, people find something good and they settle into it...and they don't feel those butterflies and sparks. It's easy to fall out of love with somebody and never leave because it's easy and comfortable."

"You only get one chance at this life, why would you spend it with anyone but the person you can't live without," he added.

Did he find that person on Temptation Island?


Temptation Island airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on USA.

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