New 'Teen Mom' Star Revealed, and She's a '16 and Pregnant' Alum

The Teen Mom producers called up another star from its farm system this week. Madisen Beith, who [...]

The Teen Mom producers called up another star from its farm system this week. Madisen Beith, who starred in a 16 and Pregnant Season 6 episode, was reportedly promoted to Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant Season 3. She will replace Ashley Jones, who was promoted from Young and Pregnant to Teen Mom 2, as a replacement for Chelsea Houska.

Beith's 16 and Pregnant episode aired in October and was one of the higher-rated episodes of the season. Her episode also introduced viewers to her 14-month-old daughter Camille. "People were really interested in Madisen's story, due to the dynamic she had with her single dad," a production source told The Ashley's Reality Roundup. "Fans wanted to continue to learn about her and follow her and her dad's story."

Beith is slated to appear in some early episodes of Young and Pregnant Season 3 before she is made a permanent part of the show's cast. The source told The Ashley's that it has not been "officially decided" if Beith will be a main star on the show. However, they already filmed six weeks of footage with Beith, her boyfriend Christian, her father Nick, and her daughter, the source said. Beith has not commented on the report. She has not posted on Instagram since April 26.

Beith's casting reportedly caused some frustration among the other women who appeared on 16 and Pregnant last season. "There were several girls who were very unhappy that Madisen got the opportunity and they didn't," another source told The Ashley's. There was a "falling out" between Beith and other stars she was "previously pretty close to." Beith's episode aired as the Season 6 premiere on Oct. 6, 2020.

As for Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, the show is the youngest of the Teen Mom spin-offs. It premiered in March 2018, with Jade Cline, Brianna Jaramillo, Jones, Kayla Sessler and Lexi Tatman. Cline was promoted to Teen Mom 2 after one season to replace Jenelle Evans, while Tatman was cut from the roster. Jones left after the second season to join Teen Mom 2. Season 3 will feature Jaramillo, Sessleyr, Rachel Beacher, Kiaya Elliott, and Beith.

Season 3 was supposed to premiere this month, but it was delayed until August. Sessler even called out MTV for the delay, accusing the network of not treating the series in the same way it handles Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2. "We were supposed to be airing May 4th after TM2, but now I'm being told August SMH," Sessler wrote to a fan on Instagram last month. "MTV doesn't treat Y&P the same way they treat OG & 2 and then wonder why our ratings aren't where they should be."