'Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant' Star Rachel Beaver Discovers Her Best Friend Is Dating Ex Drew in Exclusive Clip

Rachel Beaver was sent reeling again soon after learning she was pregnant just months after welcoming her daughter when the Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant star discovered best friend is dating her ex Drew. In a PopCulture.com sneak peek of Tuesday's all-new episode, Beaver confronts Jaden after learning she has been seeing the father of her first child.

"It's been a long time since Drew has even seen or asked about Hazelee, and I figured he was out of my life for good," she tells the cameras before meeting with Jaden. "So it's a huge shock when I find out he's been hooking up with my best friend."

She continues, "I was mad at Jaden for dating Drew, but I'm not mad anymore, because I know he probably went onto her and made her fall for him. So I know exactly how it goes, so I cant be mad at her for that."

Meeting with a chastened looking Jaden, Beaver lets her friend know just how shocking their relationship really has been.

"You saw him put me through a lot of s—, so I never thought that you would go for somebody that I had a lot of history with," she tells Jaden, who defends herself saying, "I thought it was OK to date Drew, because I thought you didn't want him."

'I know, and I don't want him," Rachel responds. "It's just the fact of the disrespect that your didn't tell me. I know it's because you didn't know how to tell me, but still. You really do deserve better."

Giving the relationship a pass, Beaver admits she is afraid Jaden will end up in a similar position that she is in.

"I don't want my friend to get hurt by Drew the same way I did," she confesses. "He's constantly in and out of trouble, and even though he's Hazelee's dad, I want nothing to do with him anymore."

To her mother, who is worried about Drew's alleged substance abuse, Beaver continues, "He's definitely proven that he does not care. He cares more about girls than about his kid, and he ruins a lot of girls' lives."

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.


Photo credit: MTV