'Teen Mom OG' Star Amber Portwood Arrested for Domestic Battery

Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood has been arrested for domestic battery according to TMZ. Portwood was arrested in the early hours Friday in Indianapolis. Police would not confirm who the alleged victim was, citing protocol.

RadarOnline adds that Portwood is currently in a processing center, with details slowly trickling out.

The 29-year-old MTV star and boyfriend Andrew Glennon had just teased that they were expecting another child, also teasing that marriage was on the horizon. The baby news turned out to be negative, but marriage could be happening.

Portwood already has two kids, son James with Glennon and Leah, 10, whose father is ex-boyfriend Gary Shirley. TMZ adds that Portwood went to prison for 17 months in 2012 after violating her probation stemming from a drug possession case. When faced with the choice between prison and rehab at the time, the reality star chose prison.

The reality star has had some other troubling incidents in the past, sometimes playing out for the cameras on MTV. In February's Teen Mom OG finale, Portwood admitted that she has had suicidal thoughts recently and had a battle against suicidal thoughts following her postpartum period.

She has also had plenty of drama with her fellow Teen Mom stars, including the equally embattled Janelle Evans. While Evans has been locked in her own legal battles in recent months, she was once locking horns with the likes of Portwood on social media, leading to some expletive-laden matches online.

"Let's tell the f—ing truth here. Who the f— was the pilot of this f—ing show? I was, b—!" the mother-of-two told Evans after her fellow star lashed out at her. "Jenelle, you say anything about me again [and] I see your a—, I'll bust your f—ing a— just like I was gonna do every other motherf—ing time. You scared-a— f—ing c—. You scared-a— b—. … I'll beat your motherf—ing a—. Don't f— with me. Don't say a f—ing word."

Portwood also lashed out at Evans' mother, Barbara, over alleged threats the latter made against Teen Mom 2 co-star Kailyn Lowry.

"And your bitch-a— mom talking about killing Kail? Bitch-a—, drunk-a— motherf—ing b—. Shut the f— up. … You're a p—. … You're too damn old to be acting like that."

Many fans were critical of Portwood's pregnancy tease given her past and continued presence on Teen Mom OG.


"This show is [too] much. Give a baby up. Dad has custody of another one. And here we go again having another baby," a user commented on a Facebook preview of the tease. "This show is really the [opposite] of what they we're trying for. When are they going to stop making it seem ok to have babies when [they're] not in the right state of mind. They can't keep a relationship with one man. Stop while your ahead.... Please...Children are not accessories."