'Teen Mom OG': Tyler Baltierra's Dad Butch Reportedly Arrested

Butch Baltierra reportedly found himself behind bars last week as the father of Teen Mom OG star [...]

Butch Baltierra reportedly found himself behind bars last week as the father of Teen Mom OG star Tyler Baltierra was in trouble once again with the law, reports The Ashley. While jail records don't disclose the exact nature of the allegations against him, Butch appears to be facing two different charges. According to The Ashley, his bond for the one charge was set at $4,964, and for the other, no bond was listed.

Teen Mom fans have watched over the years as Butch has struggled with substance abuse, with his last arrest coming in 2017 when he was charged with breaking and entering, home invasion and larceny. It's unclear if this latest arrest is drug-related, but Tyler's wife, Catelynn Lowell, said in a January interview with Champion Daily that they had limited contact with Butch since he relapsed a few months after celebrating one year of sobriety in November 2018.

"He's just kind of doing his own thing," Lowell said of her father-in-law at the time. "There is some communication, though it's sparse. He texts us randomly and Tyler also shoots him a text here and there, but that's about it." She insisted that her family had not "cut ties" with Butch, but that they "don't get super-involved." She continued, "Honestly we are so not involved that we don't know if he's sober or not…Tyler's OK with it. Sometimes it's good to not be involved."

In a video Butch shared to Facebook in July, Butch said he had not met his new granddaughter, Vaeda, whom Lowell and his son welcomed in February 2019, but that he was excited to. "I relapsed four or five months ago," Butch said at the time. "But I'm back and I'm trying to get it right. I turned 57 last month and I'm getting old. I damn sure ain't' going back to prison, I know that!"

Lowell said in January, however, that Vaeda's grandfather still had not met her, and that 5-year-old daughter Nova had no relationship with him either. "Nova does not ask about Butch," she said at the time. "I don't even know if she remembers him or not."

Tyler revealed in an episode of Teen Mom OG that he was deeply hurt over his father's unwillingness to meet Vaeda, even after he offered to pay for his plane ticket to visit. "Maybe it's just really not that important to him," he said. "Isn't it crazy to choose drugs over your kids, too. Isn't it crazy to want to go to prison over being there [for them]?"