'Teen Mom' Cast Member Tyler Baltierra's Dad Returns to Rehab

Teen Mom OG’s Tyler Baltierra says his father may return to rehab for his struggle with [...]

Teen Mom OG's Tyler Baltierra says his father may return to rehab for his struggle with substance abuse.

In a preview of Monday's episode, the 25-year-old steered the conversation toward his father, Butch, while he and wife Catelynn Lowell discussed renovations on their house.

"You know my dad will definitely build a pasture fence [for us]," Baltierra said. "Apparently, he destroyed my childhood… I need a fence, that's all I'm asking him now."

"I need to talk to him about going to rehab," the father of two added.

Lowell calmly asked if he was ready to speak to his father: "You said that you wanted to wait until you weren't so angry with your dad going to rehab. What are you feeling better about that? Not as angry?"

"I think I've just come to the conclusion that I'm always going to feel angry about it, because there was a time when I was younger, like, I used to like calling him a 'crack head.' I liked seeing him get angry about it," he replied. "So, it's a work in progress there."

Lowell added that his feelings were normal, saying, "I feel the same way. You get angry," alluding to her mother's own battle with addiction.

"You get angry and you can't help it and then you remove yourself from the situation," Baltierra said.

He spun the conversation again to focus on himself and Lowell's feelings as children of parents struggling with addiction: "We know what goes on here — we're in control of what is happening in our environment. I think from us two, as kids, [stability] was something that we wanted growing up."

"I just think children of addicts have a right to feel angry too," Lowell interjected. She recently left a treatment facility after receiving help for suicidal thoughts.

Baltierra expressed doubts last April that his father would remain sober following his release from jail. "Same thing that's happened every time he's gotten out," he said. "That's the problem with drug addicts, you can't trust them."

Still, Baltierra took to Twitter Thursday to tweet a message of love for Butch, despite their turbulent relationship.

"As a child of an addict, I don't think I'll ever NOT be angry with him. But that doesn't mean I can't love him unconditionally," he tweeted.

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