'Teen Mom OG' Reunion: Farrah Abraham Gives Bizarre Exit Interview

During the Teen Mom OG reunion, Farrah Abraham made her final appearance on the franchise, following her decision to leave the series. She declined to talk about much of anything specifically, but made it clear with Dr. Drew Pinsky that her relationship with her mother is broken.

The 26-year-old Abraham refused to talk about anyone she has dated and wanted to move on quickly after Pinksy started the interview by asking about her mother. At one point, Abraham claimed she took a lie detector test to prove to her mother that she really loves her.

"She chose a question and that's what she really wanted to know," Abraham said of her estranged mother. "It says yes, so... I don't know. I just can't deal with the negativity any more in my life."

After that, Abraham refused to talk about therapy, whoever she dated, or her disagreements with producers Kristen and Morgan J. Freeman. Instead, she clapped for them.

"Let me applaud for them. Let me applaud everyone who just has to make me a disgusting person," she said. "OK?"

Next, she only gave a brief update on her career as an adult film star, referring to herself as an entrepreneur instead. When asked if her daughter Sophia understands what she does for a living, Abraham said she knows she runs her own businesses.

"Sophia knows I run stores. I'm an entrepreneur. I'm a business mom," Abraham said. "She knows about my social efforts in adult entertainment. She knows about all that. So does she know what her mother does? Yeah, there's nothing to hide Dr. Drew."

Later on, Abraham needed to explain why she would not be specific about her career, and told Pinsky she would rather continue doing well in her life without showing everyone in the world.

"I think it's better for me to be successful and flourish without letting people know what I'm doing anymore," Abraham explained. When Pinksy said that sounded lonely, she disagreed, saying it keeps people from trying to "sabotage" her.

Abraham said she is done with the other Teen Mom stars and has not been in contact with them.


"I just feel proud of me standing up and keeping in mind every other woman, every other experience, everybody who is in the LGBTQ community who has cheered about me doing what is right and choosing to make the right choices," Abraham said in the end. "Navigating my live, and everyone else is kind of going through similar situations. So I'm happy that I didn't let people break me from my core, which I felt this production was doing and many other people around me. Not to say anything negative, but those are my feelings. I'm happy that I express that on social media and everywhere I work. Hopefully I get a better environment because of me choosing to live a different life."

Abraham chose to leave Teen Mom OG after suing Viacom and the Teen Mom producers for allegedly "sex shaming" her for her decision to work in the adult film industry. She is seeking $5 million in damages. She has been a part of the Teen Mom franchise since she starred in the first season of 16 & Pregnant in 2009.