'Teen Mom OG': Maci Bookout Breaks Down Over Ryan Edwards' Addiction in New Clip

Maci Bookout is looking to mend fences with ex-fiancé Ryan Edwards after the Teen Mom OG star checked in for another stint in rehab.

In a clip of Monday's Teen Mom season finale, Bookout and her husband Taylor McKinney decide to meet with Ryan's parents, Jen and Larry Edwards, to talk about getting back on the same page following a messy period where the father of Bookout's 10-year-old son, Bentley, was making chaos while not sober.

As Edwards prepares to return home from rehab to his wife Mackenzie Standifer and their newborn son, Jagger, his parents say "he really is doing well," following a number of relapses and arrests for violating the terms of his probation stemming from a 2017 heroin possession charge.

"This is the longest he's ever gone [to rehab], so you can tell he's committed to it," McKinney offers.

Part of Edwards' dedication this time around, Larry explains is Standifer's unwillingness to have him relapse again. "Mac has been really hard," he says. "She told him, if you don't complete this program, you can come to the pond, get your s— and live in tent city."

Jen adds that her son is interested in repairing his relationship with Bookout and McKinney following a tough time during which the couple was forced to get a restraining order against him following threats Ryan made while relapsed.

"I do know from what he's said to me that he does want to work things out where y'all can communicate and have everybody getting along," she explains. "He's very sorry about a lot of stuff, and he'll probably tell you that. The sober Ryan, I feel like he matters."

Larry adds that Edwards has been feeling guilty about not being there for Bentley, saying, "He says he feels like he's an uncle and not a father."

Despite all they've been through, Bookout looks like she is ready to forgive her ex, telling his parents, "He needs to know, from all of us that he, Ryan, made bad decisions, but I think it was the addiction."

She adds to the grandparents of her son, tearing up, "It's been f—ing hard, f—ing times four, but for me one thing has never left is that I love you and Ryan. And that will never go away. That will never ever go away."


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Photo credit: MTV