Farrah Abraham Freaks When Told She Needs to Choose Between Adult Entertainment and 'Teen Mom'

In a newly released promo for Teen Mom OG, Farrah Abraham freaks out when told she has to choose between the show and her budding career in the adult entertainment industry.

In the brief clip, what appears to be a producer of the show sits with Abraham on a back porch as the cameras roll. "If you choose to work in the adult industry, we can't continue to film you," he says to her.

Abraham does not take well to his ultimatum and explodes on him.

"Who are you to tell someone to choose one thing? F---ing shoot me for being who I am," she fires back.

While no further specifics regarding MTV's potential inability to continue working with Abraham have been divulged, it doesn't seem like a stretch to assume that the adult-themed projects she takes on make it difficult for the network to capture her life within the ratings guidelines they must maintain.


At first glance, it could seem as if the producer is saying that they won't work with her if she's doing both, but what his intention may be is to convey that they are literally incapable of filming those moments as it might require too much censoring, or they may just be unable to use much of the footage, which would significantly decrease her amount of Teen Mom OG screen time anyway.

This is merely speculation at this point, but you can catch Teen Mom OG on MTV, Mondays at 9/8c to see how the whole situation plays out in reality.