'Teen Mom OG' Alum Farrah Abraham Is Getting Roasted for Her New Dance Video Right Now

Former Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham has once again found herself on the receiving end of some unhappy comments after her latest Instagram post. The reality TV alum posted a brief clip of her doing a workout to Megan Thee Stallion's song "Savage" on March 27, though it ended up containing some questionable content.

"This is my savage workout today, get your sweat on, join the [savage challenge]," Abraham wrote in the caption. Although it was the content of the 20-second clip that didn't sit well with her followers. As the reality star danced in a rather suggestive way, her daughter, Sophia made an appearance near the very end. Which was, of course, the issue that everyone took with her in the comments.

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"Great role model," commented one user.

"Sad that the child imitates her mother," added another.

"Feel so sorry for your daughter," wrote a third.

Although others were just taken aback by the quality of her dance moves.

"Did she just have a seizure," asked one follower. "Or is she super uncoordinated?"

"Legit question did you really think this was good? Or posted it for laughs," asked another.

Abraham also caught some heat after posting another video on Wednesday of her and Sophia outside sporting leopard print masks. While she was intending to have fun with the whole thing, writing about the "Tiger King vibes" the two were giving off, the comments were filled with people criticizing her for not practicing the current social distancing guidelines, which are currently in effect through the end of April.

This wasn't the first time that Abraham has waded into the subject of coronavirus. In mid-March, she posted another Instagram clip of her and her daughter, where she talked about the joys of doing all her classes remotely, and claiming that she loves "coronavirus season."


While her remark obviously didn't sit well with her followers either, she addressed the situation in a conversation with TooFab on March 27, Abraham insinuated that they were taken out of context.

"A lot of moms who are like stay at home moms or just travel with their kids, we're used to self-quarantine ourselves," Abraham said. "I mean I stock up, I get everything, I'm like a supermom — and that's how I roll. I'm not used to wearing gloves and masks and running out of Clorox and toilet paper and all that. But I'm definitely used to being at home and being around my daughter 24/7."