'Teen Mom OG' Star Andrew Glennon Has Reportedly Been 'Nothing But Faithful' to Amber Portwood Following Cheating Allegations

Don't believe everything you hear. Sources close to Andrew Glennon are coming to his defense amid [...]

Don't believe everything you hear. Sources close to Andrew Glennon are coming to his defense amid reports that he was unfaithful to Amber Portwood.

An insider told Us Weekly there's no truth to the rumors. The pair have struggled a bit as a result of Portwood's attempts to cope with her mental disorders and keep up with her medications, but aren't struggling because of infidelity.

"Andrew has been nothing but faithful and loving to Amber since the day they met," the source told Us Weekly. "All he wanted was a happy family with Amber, but her lack of self-care with her mental health disorders and choosing not to take her medications regularly has caused great stress among the two."

Glennon "had been trying to get Amber's health back on track" prior to her arrest, the source alleged.

"Andrew knows how awful Amber's past relationships have been and has been a loving and supportive partner for her every step of the way," the initial insider alleged. "He has only ever wanted to see her get better and live a happy life. ... Her time for healing is now. If she accepts the change that needs to happen and do it right this time. This entire incident may just save her life."

Another source told Us Weekly Portwood's arrest has put great strain on their relationship. The couple, who haven't been together long, are said to be learning the ins and outs of one another.

"They love each other, but as things intensify, it's becoming a more difficult situation to navigate and come back from," the insider said. "In her life, men have taken advantage of her. ... She's very sensitive to repeating that."

The Teen Mom OG star was arrested on July 5 following an altercation involving Glennon. Her beau was reportedly holding their 14-month-old son when it occurred. Court documents obtained by Us Weekly show she allegedly had a machete in hand and "threatened to kill herself" during the incident.

Portwood was released from jail on July 6. Following her release, Portwood shared a post alluding to infidelity on Instagram.

"Cheating is a choice no a mistake," the post, which has since been deleted, read.

Portwood has had legal troubles in the past. She was released from prison early in 2013 after being arrested two years prior on drug-related charges. Since then, however, she's been on the straight-and-narrow and has been caring for her children.