'Teen Mom': Mackenzie McKee Shades Her Ex Over Financial 'Mess'

Teen Mom alum Mackenzie McKee isn't going light on her ex. The 28-year-old MTV star and mother of three took to Instagram to discuss her monthly goals, one of which is to tackle her family finances that she says her estranged husband, Josh, left in shambles. She announced their split last year in an Instagram post. "With all the messages I'm receiving and articles coming out, I wanted you guys to hear what's going on from me alone," she wrote at the time alongide two images of the couple. "Somtirmes [sic] things work and sometimes, no matter how hard you fight, it just doesn't work out. I am breaking my silence about Josh and I being done. I will always respect him as the father of my children but it's time for me to find my happy." Now, that respect seems to be out the window after she says Josh left her to pick up the pieces financially.

"Ok, so I don't do beginning-of-the-year goals. Statistically, none of you are reaching those goals because we need to focus on the little goals that reach the end goal," she said in a video, The Sun reports. "I do month goals. Every month at the end of the month I write my big month goal, and weekly I write how to strategize every day to reach those. I have three goals every month: a personal goal. This month was to partake in no gossip ever. I have a financial goal, which is to get out of the mess he left us in, and I've crawled out of a lot since October."

The two were together for 12 years. They started dating in 2009 and wed in 2013. They split after she accused Josh of cheating with her cousin following her mother's death. The two briefly reconciled, but couldn't keep things together and found it best to part ways.