'Teen Mom' Kailyn Lowry Says Ex Javi Marroquin Isn't 'Transparent' With Girlfriend About Their Relationship

Teen Mom alum Kailyn Lowry has a bone to pick with her ex, Javi Marroquin. As Us Weekly noted, Lowry does not believe that Marroquin is being "completely transparent" with his girlfriend, Lauren Comeau. This latest drama between Lowry and Marroquin, who share a 9-year-old son named Lincoln, stems from a recent co-parenting incident that the reality star mentioned on her Coffee Convos podcast. 

On Thursday, Lowry recalled an incident that allegedly went down at Lincoln's flag football practice. She claimed that Marroquin refused to take a photo with her and Lincoln at the practice. During the same podcast episode, she explained that she doesn't feel like she can sign her two youngest sons, Lux and Creed, whom she shares with ex Chris Lopez, for the same league as Lincoln. As for the reason why, Lowry said that Marroquin's younger son, Eli, whom he shares with Comeau, is already involved in the organization and she is worried that there would be drama if she signs her younger sons up for the same one. 

It wasn't long before Marroquin spoke out against his ex-wife's claims. After the Teen Mom fan account @teenmomshaderoom___ shared a clip from Lowry's conversation on Instagram, Marroquin defended himself in the comments section. He began by saying that he was only addressing this matter publicly because he is "sick of this one-sided narrative with our coparenting." Marroquin wrote, "I've f—ked up, I've been an a—hole, but I'm not going to ever apologize for putting healthy boundaries in place that should have been established a long time ago and focusing on my family." He went on to say that the reason why he and Lowry have issues is because she opens up about their co-parenting drama on a public forum. 

"A relationship is NOT the sole reason for our coparenting issues. The number one reason we have issues is for this bulls—t here," he continued. "Nothing is private, my personal life isn't private, our parenting struggles aren't private, yet she demands privacy about everything and I haven't taken any of the issues I have with her and our coparenting public over the last year." Lowry later replied to Marroquin's comments and claimed that he actually blocked her on his account. She also explained why she felt as though her ex-husband "flipped a switch" on her and began communicating with her only via email "out of nowhere."

"Javi only acts like this with Lauren because IN MY OPINION he is not completely transparent with her about everything between me and him so he keeps us divided. He will never own that," Lowry wrote. "I can absolutely do boundaries. I don't want to be with Javi. But being an absolute d— to me is not necessary. He's always been the one to come on to me. Never the other way around, let's be clear on that."