'Teen Mom 2': Kailyn Lowry's Ex Questions Her About Getting Back Together

Tuesday's episode of Teen Mom 2 proved to be quite the interesting one for Kailyn Lowry and her ex Javi Marroquin. The episode saw the pair get into a fight about their son, Lincoln, which Lowry chronicled to her friend. During their conversation, the reality star let it slip that Marroquin questioned why they haven't gotten back together and she, of course, had something major to say about that. 

While recounting their fight, Lowry said that it came down to the two having different parenting styles. The Teen Mom 2 voiced her frustrations to her friend all while discussing the state of her relationship with her ex. She said that prior to this fight, Marroquin asked her why they were never getting back together. Lowry told her friend that she said to him, "And I was like because I would literally never get back with you." The MTV personality also addressed where her relationship with Marroquin stands later on in the episode. She explained that it's hard to put a label on their relationship, but that they are simply co-parents. 

"I don't think I should label my relationship outside of co-parenting with Javi because I don't think that there is any appropriate word that would properly label what Javi and I are," she said. Interestingly enough, this isn't even the first time that Lowry has addressed the topic during this season of Teen Mom 2. In the premiere, a producer told Lowry that he picked up on a flirty vibe between the pair. However, she said that there was no flirtation going on from her end ( though she did note that she picked up on Marroquin's flirtations). She went on to joke that she would never date a man with children, even if they happened to be her own. 

Lowry and Marroquin's relationship was a matter of speculation in 2021, as well. At the time, a rep for Lowry told E! News that the two are "NOT back together." They added that "they are very dedicated to a positive and healthy co-parenting relationship for their son, Lincoln." The rep continued, "They are both heavily involved in his football activities, and this has resulted in them spending more time together."