'Teen Mom' Kailyn Lowry Challenges Former Co-Star Farrah Abraham to Boxing Match

Kailyn Lowry wants to battle it out in the boxing ring with former Teen Mom co-star Farrah Abraham.

Following Abraham’s sudden decision to pull out of her charity boxing match this weekend, Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry is set to take her place, with match organizer Damon Feldman telling TMZ that Lowry is set to sign a contract on Friday. Lowry has also reportedly requested Abraham to be her competitor.

After backing out of the Boom Cups Celebrity Boxing Showdown against Flavor of Love alum Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander on Nov. 10 in Atlantic City and subsequently alleging that the event’s organizers had bullied her, Abraham was served cease and desist order by Feldman for “defamatory statements and libelous communications.”

In the letter, Feldman alleged that he had been “subjected to ridicule, scorn, embarrassment and potential loss of earnings” due to Abraham’s “insulting, offensive and slanderous comments” toward Feldman and the event.

Feldman, along with fellow promoter Samantha Goldberg and their attorney, Tony List, were reportedly considering suing the Teen Mom alum for millions of dollars. However, should Abraham accept Lowry’s challenge, Feldman said that he will not pursue legal action.

Lowry isn’t the only one to have very public beef with Abraham. In the days since Abraham announced that she would no longer be attending the event, which she had signed a contract for, she has faced criticism from a number of people, including Teen Mom OG star Catellyn Lowell, who was looking forward to attending the event.

“Going to Atlantic City was supposed to see Farrah get laid the hell out by Hoopz thennn she dropped out!" she wrote on Instagram. “Still going to support our girl Hoopz tho! [scared sissy] [grow a pair]."

Abraham later responded to Lowell’s comment, stating that she was “jealous.”


“Anyone associated to the criminal fraud promoters, Michael Mak of BoomCups and Damon Feldman, are all to be advised to cease and desist using my name for attention of their failed fight to steal money and use celebrities including [Nicole] ‘Hoopz‘ [Alexander], Catelynn [Lowell], and other low-class wannabe celebrities like Drita, who all were planning to make a mockery of anti-bullying, and as some are moms, it’s disgusting," Abraham told Hollywood Life.

She went on to criticize Lowell and other Teen Mom stars who were planning on attending the event, stating “Gone are the days I’m around people who are jealous of me — it’s clear I’m the winner over the bullies of this failed event. I’ve still won — I’m in the Maldives, where they can’t even afford to come. Atlantic City is more in their bracket, and happy they paid to watch me."