Jenelle Evans Serves 'Teen Mom 2' Castmate With Legal Papers

Jenelle Evans is getting the law involved in her relationship with Teen Mom 2 castmate Chelsea Houska DeBoer.

DeBoer revealed that she had received a cease and desist letter from Evans and her new husband David Eason in a tweet Monday.

"I just got a cease and desist from Jenelle and David," she wrote. "So there's that lolll. #idonteventalkaboutyou."

The 26-year-old didn't reveal details of the legal notice, but said it accused her of making "false and defamatory statements" about Evans and/or Eason.

DeBoer seemed confused as to the whole series of events, adding, "But....? I never did [make false and defamatory statements]? So? who knows."

She also replied to fans who were puzzled as to why the couple would single the mostly drama-free cast member out for an official threat.

In fact, DeBoer alleges that Evans had spread rumors about her a few years ago.

"A few years ago she tweeted that I was on drugs but here we are lol," she wrote.

Evans and Eason are known to stir up trouble on the MTV show, engaging in a fight that shut down production of the Teen Mom 2 reunion special and kicking film crews off of their property prior to their wedding special.

Eason has also faced allegations of spousal and child abuse from fans who watched the way he treats his wife's three kids and from the mother of Evans' ex Nathan Griffiths.


“I picked up Kaiser at daycare and the first thing he says to me, and Nate can verify this, the first thing he says to me is ‘Nana, David punched me,' ” she claimed on the reunion special. “I thought, ‘What, excuse me?’ He said, ‘David punched me.’ And he kept saying it over and over.”

Evans has denied all abuse rumors, and Eason stormed out of the reunion special after Dr. Drew called him "aggressive."