'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham in Talks for Solo Show

Farrah Abraham no longer appears on Teen Mom OG, but she may be starring in her own reality show after leaving MTV earlier this year.

TMZ reports that Abraham was spotted leaving a meeting in Studio City in Los Angeles with her manager, David Weintraub, and reality TV producer Jeff Jenkins (Keeping Up With the Kardashians, The Simple Life, Little Women: LA).

Sources told the news outlet that the three met to discuss a show they've reportedly created starring Abraham, who left Teen Mom OG in February. The show will reportedly center around Abraham and other single working moms balancing work, family and their romantic lives.

Sources told TMZ that the show has received offers from two networks for the project and that negotiations are ongoing.

In August, Abraham said that she "has some new shows that are coming out."

"I'm finding love next with MTV, so I hope you guys really love that and enjoy that," she told Us Weekly at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards. "I can't [talk about the show]. I'm just very interested, obviously, in finding someone, maybe a male version of me. So that's all I can say for now."

She also teased that her 9-year-old daughter, Sophia, would also be making a return to the spotlight.

"I love taking my daughter with me as much as I can and I think it's really good for her," she said. "Sophia's with all my shows that I do, so we have another one coming up in September and that will be on NBC."

Abraham left Teen Mom OG in February after the show's executive producer, Morgan J. Freeman, told her that if she "chose to work in the adult industry" she could not continue with the show. She decided to end her contract.

More recently, Abraham announced she would no longer be participating in the highly publicized celebrity boxing match against Flavor of Love alum Nicole "Hoopz" Alexander. Abraham told Us Weekly that the event's promoters did not follow through on promised travel and hotel arrangements.

“[Promoters] Damon Feldman and Michael Mak … didn’t deliver on their part. No flights, hotels, no coach flights, family that they agreed contractually,” she told Us Weekly on Friday. “Also, with probation, I cannot be around liabilities for further legal problems. The promoters failed to do business properly, and I’m more than happy to show off my work of training for four months.”

That same day, she pleaded guilty to one misdemeanor count of resisting, delaying or obstructing a peace officer following her June arrest at The Beverly Hills Hotel. She was sentenced to two years of summary probation and five days of community service or labor as a result. She was also ordered to compete 12 hours of anger management and to avoid the Polo Lounge at The Beverly Hills Hotel.

Alexander said she will still be participating in the boxing match. "She's using the promoter as a reason to back out ... the fight is still happening with or without her," Alexander posted about Abraham.


Celebrity Boxing Federation representative Samantha Goldberg gave an update on the matter in a statement Saturday: “We are at a standstill,” she said. “By 6 P.M. ET if we don’t have an amicable agreement we will have a new opponent taking her place. This opponent is an equal in many ways. The continued unsubstantiated completely ridiculous requests such as flight accommodations for management more family members being involved first class and other asks that were never written in the original contract.”

She continued: “We are trying to set a good example against anti-bullying and feel with our generous efforts to turn this around to show the public exactly what we’re trying to put a stop to is exactly what Farrah Abraham sadly is going against at this time. We are in hopes as the clock ticks that she will continue to move forward without any additional demands. We don’t want to take the generous offering away from anti-bullying and putting it into other people’s pockets. This is for a cause and we plan on sticking to it. We do hope that she feels the same way.”