'Teen Mom' Fans Thrilled After Catelynn Lowell Reveals Due Date for Baby No. 3

Teen Mom OG fans couldn't be happier for Catelynn Lowell and husband Tyler Baltierra as they prepare to welcome a baby in March.

The reality stars announced Monday, days after making the initial pregnancy reveal, that their third child's due date is March 6, 2019. After Baltierra shared the news via his official Twitter account, many of his 1.08 million followers responded with joy.

"Sweet baby sister for Nova who I'm sure will be a brilliant big sister.. Congratulations too [sic] you both spring babies are the best," one Twitter user wrote.

"Congratulations guys!!!!!" someone said.

"Congrats guys! So excited for you!!!" another wrote.

"So excited for you guys!! May you and your family continue to be blessed beyond measure!!!" one person responded.

"Congratulations on the pregnancy, A pisces baby are the best babies and I know this as I was one!!!" someone else wrote.

Lowell and Baltierra are already parents to 3-year-old daughter Nova. They placed their eldest daughter, Carly, now 9, for adoption in 2009.

Lowell, who is currently 14 weeks pregnant, said she and Baltierra will discover the baby's gender at their next ultrasound appointment. Despite Lowell's father hoping for another granddaughter, Lowell and Baltierra are both hoping for a boy.

"I think we both want a boy for sure, but also we have Nova," Lowell told Us Weekly. "So it's, like, if we're just meant to have girls, we're meant to have girls."

"With Carly too, it's like Tyler just makes girls. The guys make the gender," she added.

Baby no. 3 is especially significant for the longtime couple, who finally tied the knot in 2015, because they recently suffered a miscarriage, the details and aftermath of which were documented on the hit MTV series. Following the miscarriage, Lowell entered a rehabilitation facility after admitting she experienced suicidal thoughts.

"I feel like maybe it just wasn't the right time. Thank God for kids and husbands," Lowell shared with a producer during season 7 following her miscarriage. "If they weren't around, I probably would have offed myself, seriously. I mean, I'm sure a lot of people can relate. Like, it's like I don't want to live another day like this, you know?"

During an emotional moment with her mother-in-law Kim, Lowell said she decided to get help.

"I'm on my way to the airport. I'm going to treatment," she said the phone while in the car with Baltierra. When asked why she's going, she started crying and said, "I contemplated every single way that I could kill myself today."

Over the weekend, Baltierra shut down online trolls who suggested that he and Lowell, who have both been open about their battles with depression, are not fit to be parents again.

He retweeted someone who wrote, "If no one with depression had kids the world would start shrinking at an alarming rate. If you are one of the lucky few never to experience it. Give a prayer of thanks and don't talk about what you do not understand."


"THIS. RIGHT. HERE....NAILED IT!!!" Baltierra wrote when he shared the tweet.

Teen Mom OG returns for its eighth season premiere Monday, Oct. 1 at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.