'Teen Mom' Fans Think Ryan Edwards Still Seems High After Rehab

Ryan Edwards' return from drug rehab has been a huge plot point in this season of Teen Mom OG, but some fans think the treatment might not have stuck.

Edwards left rehab after 21 days of a 30-day program, it was revealed during Monday's episode of the MTV show, after lying to his wife Mackenzie Standifer and spending as much as $10,000 a week on drugs.

Some of Edwards' behavior, such as his rage at ex Maci Bookout's unwillingness to let their 8-year-old son Bentley see him immediately upon his exit from the program, as well as his drinking a beer, struck fans as odd for someone who has successfully completed a drug program.

"No matter what I do, I'm tired of trying to have to please her," he said of Bookout. "She doesn't even have enough respect to let him come over here."

In a new deleted scene posted on the Teen Mom Facebook page, Edwards once again displays odd behavior, seemingly slurring his words and laying back in his seat while Standifer talks to him.

Fans expressed concern for the 29-year-old in the comment section.

"Anyone else think he was high on Monday's episode?" one fan asked.

"[I don't know] about on Monday's episode, but he looks and sounds pretty out of it on this clip!" one replied.

"For being a couple days out of rehab, he doesn't look as awake as I thought he would be," another chimed in. "He still does look like he is high. The fact he is drinking isn't a good idea either."

In a June episode of the MTV show, Bookout described to a counselor what the father of her child looks like when he's been using.

“I’m not sure what exactly he’s using,” she said. “But, sometimes, he’ll fall asleep when you’re trying to have a conversation with him, or he’s extremely wide-eyed and he doesn’t look right.”

In Monday's episode, Standifer revealed that she had no idea the extent of her husband's drug use until he entered rehab, and Edwards explained that he has been deceiving her regularly to support his habits.

"I mean nobody wants to tell someone that," he said. "I mean you have not a clue, and every morning I had to tell you I was going somewhere and 90 percent of the time it wasn't the truth."


Teen Mom OG airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.

Photo credit: MTV