'Teen Mom' Catelynn Lowell Slams Farrah Abraham for Dropping out of Boxing Match

We know where Catelynn Lowell stands in the Farrah Abraham vs. Nicole "Hoopz" Alexander boxing match drama!

The Teen Mom OG personality took to Instagram to shade her former MTV co-star after Abraham pulled out of the charity match last week.

Catelynn Lowell slams Farrah Abraham
(Photo: Instagram/Catelynn Lowell)

"Going to Atlantic City was supposed to see Farrah get laid the hell out by Hoopz thennn she dropped out!" she wrote on a black background. "Still going to support our girl Hoopz tho! [scared sissy] [grow a pair]."

The reality star did not allow for comments to be shared under the post.

Abraham had been sharing updates on her boxing training for months before the celebrity boxing match, but on Nov. 3, reports that the former Teen Mom star would not be appearing for the charity events were confirmed by her mom, Debra Danielsen, to Radar.

"We were all planning on getting together up there and watching the match," Danielsen said. "I said, 'What about my travel? When do we fly in? Where are we staying?' They were supposed to get back to all of us. Farrah was like, 'Mom, he didn't even get me a ticket!' I don't call that Farrah dropping out."

She continued, "It's ridiculous. They didn't deliver what they said they would provide in regard to travel and hotel. We're used to being treated properly. Right now, no one is showing up on our side. If Farrah doesn't show up, there is no fight!"

An insider for the production team told the outlet that it was more Abraham asking too much of the organizers leading up to the event, saying, "[It was] typical Farrah with her diva demands. She wanted 30 rooms, flights for six people… She was very demanding and difficult to work with."

After slamming the event in interviews, Abraham was served with a cease and desist notice by celebrity boxing promoter Damon Feldman.

But the reality personality clearly didn't take the notice to heart, telling PEOPLE, "The public now knows the truth. All parties associated, including the women now fighting are frauds. Samantha Goldberg, Damon Feldman, Michael Makowski and Boom Cups all need to cease and desist using my face and name for press and publicity. They're criminals."

It's unclear if the fight will continue as planned, or if someone else will be paired against Alexander.


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Photo credit: Facebook/Teen Mom