'Teen Mom' Bristol Palin's Ex Dakota Meyer Claims She Is 'Compulsive Liar'

Dakota Meyer has slammed ex-wife Bristol Palin, claiming during a recent episode of Teen Mom OG that she is a "compulsive liar."

On Monday night's new episode of the MTV reality series, Meyer and Palin's meeting to discuss how to improve their co-parenting situation for daughters, Atlee, 19 months, and Sailor, 2, quickly turned tense after Meyer suggested that the best way to communicate with him was for Palin "just not to talk about me."

"I don't need you to understand me. You should have tried that when we were married. That ship's gone," Meyer continued after his ex asked how she could better understand and communicate with him. "Honestly Bristol, everything that I've done has been a response to you. I just want you to leave me alone. Go be happy."

"Since you've been gone, ask me how many anxiety attacks I've had — zero. I don't want to have a friendship with you. You're a co-parent. Write me if it has to do with the girls. Outside that, I don't want to be around you," he continued.

Although Meyer attempted to get the conversation back on the track of what they see as a "successful co-parenting relationship," Palin went on to slam Meyer, stating that a good co-parent is one that "doesn't talk to me this way" and "doesn't steal from me."

"I think you've had these issues from before we were married, and I think that you need work on yourself, Dakota, just like I'm working on myself," she said.

"There's one of on this show who's being real, and there's one of us who's acting," Meyer replied. "We can have a better relationship for our daughters when you stop being a compulsive liar."

The tense conversation came just days after Meyer spoke out about his and Palin's portrayal on the MTV reality series, dubbing Teen Mom "trailer trash" for its failure to truly show what life is like as a young parent.

"What's sad is that @Viacom has turned @TeenMom into a trailer trash Real Housewives instead of showing what the true struggles of parenting are," he wrote at the time. "I'll bring my VLOG back and show you what single parenting looks like, since they can't seem to figure it out."

He went on to state in a separate post that "it's time to call it what it is [Teen Mom OG] parenting is way more than everyone sitting around b—ing about their ex's [sic]."


Palin herself has even slammed Teen Mom and MTV for their portrayal of her, accusing them of presenting fans a false narrative full of inaccuracies.

Teen Mom OG airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.